Mastering the Art of Letting Go

I have found that letting go in a spiritual and emotional sense is one of the hardest things to do. How does one let go of something you are not physically holding on to? I have asked myself that question numerous times. I unfortunately do not have the answer. I have however practiced the art of “letting go” and am now getting better at it.

Once a negative, unwanted or unnecessary thought enters my mind, most of the time I liberate myself from it by praying. I pray non-stop until once I want to think about it again I don’t even remember what that thought was. This is a practice I have found useful to improve what some call the mastery of letting go. I have also tried another common practice, which is repeating a phrase over and over again. That phrase could be anything; anything positive that is. Phrases I commonly use are I am OK. I can do anything. My life is perfect. My world is in complete harmony. As you will notice all this phrases are in the present tense. None of this I will be OK, or my life will be perfect. No, none of that. I am OK now, because that is what I choose. I choose to believe, that even in the worst of times when my life and being are being challenged the most, that every moment of my life is perfect and that what many spiritual leaders say is true: Everything happens for a reason and everything is happening perfectly.

So to let go one must focus; on what you may ask. Focus on anything different that what is bothering you. Literally visualize the thought or feeling you want to get rid of leaving your body and/or mind. Imagine a wave of light exiting your soul and that wave of light takes with it the unwanted feelings or thoughts. There are many practices used to learn to let go. A person must find the one that is right for them; and no one can choose that for them. I have being practicing different techniques for several years now and have now just begun to feel comfortable and confident that it is not some alien way of feeling better. It is actually something we can all practice and incorporate into our lives to better our attitude toward life.

Letting go will free your heart and soul and it will expand your visions. Now please understand that I am not implicating this is easy, at least it was not for me and that is the main reason I chose to write about it. I am however saying that as in everything else in life, practice makes perfect. So begin practicing, your life will thank you for it.

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