Maximize Your Digital Photo Experience

With the advent of the digital camera you may have fallen into the trap of storing your precious moments on a disk and never getting around to printing them out for your photo albums, storage boxes, or scrapbooks. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some suggestions to help you more thoroughly enjoy your digital snapshots.

*Print your pictures at home
If you only need a few prints, it is very convenient to use a photo printer at home. For larger projects, this may take a long time and use a lot of colored inks.

*Print your pictures at a store
Take your CD, with the burned photos, to Walgreen’s or other drugstore chain and have your prints developed. can help you locate a retailer near you. Most stores offer you a choice between their self-service kiosk or using the stores on-site photo lab. Either way, the results are excellent.

*Print your pictures online
Many online photo services, such as Shutterfly and Snapfish, allow you to upload your photos to their site. Within a week, you’ll receive your order by mail. Check out their websites at and for more information.

*Post your pictures online
At these same online photo sites, such as,, and, you have the option of posting your pictures online and picking up your prints at a local store the same day. Another neat option is to have the pictures printed at a store near a far-away family member so they can pick up the photos themselves.

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