Mickey Mouse Computer Game Review

Mickey Mouse Kindergarten: Review of Story
In this computer game by Disney, Mickey Mouse is in an ace reporter in the big city, and he’s looking for news stories. Player click on lighted areas to try and find news stories for Mickey to photograph and write about.

Mickey Mouse Kindergarten: Review of Activities and Skills
In this computer game, players count, add, match colors and sounds, fill in the alphabet, match descriptions and more. The cast of well-known characters includes Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie. There are some printout activities for kids as well.

Mickey Mouse Kindergarten: Best Activities
Kids will especially enjoy playing the math space game, where they must shoot the ships with the right numbers. Goofy’s humorous sleepwalk is also a fun activity for kids, along with helping the policeman find the weasel in the alley.

Reasons to Buy Mickey Mouse Kindergarten Computer Game:
Great characters and fun activities.

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