Mistaken Lust for Love

A Friend of mine is a singer/songwriter, she is extremely talented and very insightful with the lyrics of her songs. Upon listening to one her of demos, a song began to play that stuck out. It was entitled “Mistaken Lust For Love”. Never really thinking that this misinterpretation of feelings could result in a complete relationship breakdown. Nevertheless, as I delved deeper into the haziness that is Lust/Love, I discovered that literally hundreds of individuals are confusing the “Lust” for a person for being “Love”.

In an over-sexualized society, we have decided that when you feel lust for someone, that in turn means love. We have forgotten how to separate the two categories. In a society that puts good sex up there with great communication, this is not a surprise. Why not have Lust mean Love, I mean, all love is, is a deep attraction someone right? Wrong! Love is something that cannot be explained and do it justice. Love is something deeper than we can ever imagine. And since we are a shallow people, it isn’t a surprise that we cannot separate the two feelings.

So, why are millions of people taking Lust for Love? The reason is for the notion that true emotions and true connectivity comes from sex. Should we link sexual gratification to Love? Is sex love? Sex isn’t love; sex is something that people do that animals do. Sex is something that’s rooted deep in our primal instincts; we must have sex to reproduce. Though, to many of us, reproducing is the last thing that we want to do.

Love, on the other hand, is something completely different. Love is something that is unique to the human species. True love is a substance that animals cannot obtain. So, if sex is something that we share with the animal kingdom and love is something that only our species can have, why do we confuse the two? Because in our world of no communication, a world that is hollow to deep thinking, sex is the only “true communication” that our generation knows. Sex is how we show our feelings for another human, because what better way to show someone you care for them than becoming “united” with one another?

Over the years has our genitals become our hearts? Have we somehow transferred our emotions to our “private parts”? It seems that way. This is why relationships fail when they are based of a superficial matter such as Lust. There is only one thing guaranteed in lust, that it will fade. Lust does not last forever, it is not the invisible bond that will connect two individuals for a lifetime.

And when the lust fades, the sex becomes boring, then what? Where is the relationship going to go from there? The answer is nowhere. When the only thing that is holding two people together are their genitals, their relationship will go limp, figuratively and literally. So basically, if you base your relationship on Lust, you will never find Love. Lust and Love are the oil and water of the emotional world, they just can’t be cohabitants.

“I saw this person, and my heart began to pound, my hands began to sweat, and I thought, ‘could this be love’? After several intense ‘sessions’ he became boring. So, if this was love, sure isn’t what it was cracked up to be.”

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