Most Fashionable Diaper Bags for Mom and Dad

There are so many choices for buying diaper bags that you have to do some research before you find the right fit. Diaper bag styles consist of totes, purses, messenger bags, backpacks, satchels, hobos, shoulder bags, overnight diaper bags, diaper bags for dad and nanny diaper bags. You do not want a diaper bag that is so narrow it will be too hard to get things in and out of it. I suggest following diaper bag blogs as a very good way to find the right bag that fits you. People leave comments on their experience with different diaper bags and you can avoid making the same mistakes they made buying the wrong bag. When picking a diaper bag do not look for pretty, look for something that a woman and man can carry. Fathers have to carry diaper bags too. If you have money maybe both of you can buy your own diaper bag. This article is written as a guide on the most fashionable diaper bags for trendy moms and trendy dads.

Features to look for are lots of pockets, removable diaper changing pad, spacious interior, bottle straps, accessory pouch, pouch for wipes, pacifier pocket, cooler/insulation, bottle warmer, removable adjustable shoulder strap, removable crossbody/stroller strap(s)/clips and tote straps, reinforced bag bottom, detachable hanging ID tag, coin purse, cell phone and tablet/iPad pocket. The reason you need all of this is because the diaper bag usually functions as a multi-purpose bag for parent and baby.

Options to Choose From
The Bumble Collection, the Amber Tote Lace Floral was gifted by the company to Kate Middleton. Features included in the diaper bag are a soil proof changing pad, multiple pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes and an extra padded comfort strap. The Amber Tote comes in six fashions. When Prince George was born the news reported that he would bring in $400 million for the country. Donating one bag to Kate and William will help sell many diaper bags made by this company. The Bumble Collection is sold at Kohls, Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon. The Amber Tote cost $99.99. I have seen them on sale for $94.99.

Kate Middleton & Williams’ Diaper Bag.

The Hermes Paris Birkin Noir Black Leather Handbag is used by Kim Kardashian as a diaper bag. This bag was named after Jane Birkin, a British born actress. The Hermes Birkin Handbag is one of the most sought after and impossible to find handbags on earth. It is carried and used by many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian. Reports are saying that she has out done everyone with the price of the Hermes Paris Handbag for a diaper bag. Cost is $30,000 plus. The Hermes Handbags can cost over $100,000. It is very possible that the Hermes Birkin Leather Handbag was donated to Kim. With her advertising the Hermes Handbag the company will sell many more Hermes Birkin Handbags. Kim Kardashian has been photographed carrying several different colors of the Hermes Birkin Handbag. This handbag can be purchased online. There is an article on the Forbes website that tells you how to buy your first Hermes Birkin.

Forbes: How to Buy a Hermes Birkin Black Leather Bag.
Kim Kardashians’ Diaper Bag.

Woman can turn just about anything into a diaper bag. They can use diaper bags to double as purses, travel bags, gym bags, briefcases and a laptop bag. There are many designers today. The big names include Storksak ($40 to $425), Ju-Ju-Be ($100 to $165), Bumble Bags ($90 to $110), Timi & Leslie ($75 to $180), Babymel ($85 to $148), Skip Hop ($64 to $99), JJ Cole Collections ($60 to $119), Fleurville ($89 to $165), Diaper Dude ($56 to $62), JP Lizzy ($60 to $98), Petunia Pickle Bottom ($349) and Nest Elliot ($340). All of these names are popular among moms and dads and affordable. I liked the Neiman Marcus website. If you hold the cursor over the diaper bag you want to see the bag changes to the inside view. Diaper bags on the Neiman Marcus website are pricy. The Parenting website published 30 designer bags used by the celebrities. If you want the same diaper bag that your favorite celebrity used that would be the article to read. The price of the diaper bags on the Parenting website ranges from Ju-Ju-Be Be Tween Bag $100 to Mia Bossi Audrey in Sand $1210.

When purchasing a diaper bag keep in mind the father. I would suggest buying a unisex diaper bag. That means you would want to buy a diaper bag that comes in primary colors and is not too feminine. I discovered on the AllModern website that they sell diaper bags for dads. They are named Diaper Dude, Diaper Dude Messenger Bags, DadGear and Backpacks. The price ranges from $58 to $292.50. The dad diaper bags have the same features with the exterior style fitting dad more so he feels comfortable carrying a diaper bag. A feminine bag is not going to be the right fit for dad.

I went to Walmart to check out their diaper bags. They did not carry a large selection. The Fisher Price Messenger diaper bag was the only bag with a pocket for a tablet or iPad. The price was $24.98. It came with an exterior wipes pocket with a removable black plastic case to refill. Before I left the area a lady stopped by and purchased a Baby Boom Multi-Tasker 5-in-1 diaper bag set priced for $19.96. The bag came with a large diaper bag, a mini diaper bag (small purse size), a bottle holder with handle for carry, a changing pad and an accessory pouch.

What diaper bag would I use? I always buy a Coach black leather purse. I would carry a Coach, black or colored leather diaper bag. The Coach Diaper Bag cost $298 to $398. The one I liked on the Coach website was a Baby Bag Tote in Saffiano Leather Black for $398. I like my leather just like Kim Kardashian. I would not pay $30,000 or more for a diaper bag.

Coach Diaper Bag.

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