Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, the Best Cleanup You Can Do Without a Spellbook

Have you ever had to clean dog slobber off of your ceiling? I have. I have a 180 pound St. Bernard. And I now have a secret weapon. The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. These things work wonders. They are so handy and versatile. No expensive cleaning products necessary. And to be quite honest very little elbow grease to boot. I am honestly not quite sure how I lived without mine for so long.

Not only are they great for cleaning slobber off of various household surfaces, they clean lots of other things really well too. In the kitchen, they are awesome for a quick wipe down of the stove top, refrigerator, and counters. Especially if like me, you have older counter tops that tend to get this hideous grayish smudge on them when you don’t put something under a can before you open it. The friction causes the “smudge” and it is really unsightly. But with my Magic Eraser, 30 seconds of scrubbing, and its gone, just like “magic.”

Kids? Not a problem. These work great on finger prints on the walls, and little footprints on the linoleum for the entry way. And if you have a creative child, even better. These will take crayon off the wall in no time flat. I was skeptical about the crayon thing, until I actually used it. As a side note, you need to be very specific when you tell the four year old to draw you a pretty picture and surprise you. They will surprise you all right.

Even messier than small children are babies. More specifically baby food. Only a parent realizes how many colors there truly are. Especially when baby food is involved. I bet you never knew that a child would enjoy chowing down on something fluorescent orange. And by the time they are done, your walls have little orange specks all over them, as does the high chair, and anything else that happens to be nearby, be it an appliance or a counter top. The Magic Eraser along with a little scrubbing power does wonders. Now if they would just come up with a Magic Eraser for clothes. I haven’t managed to find a good way to get fluorescent any color out of those yet.

Another handy use I found quite by accident is getting most spilled things out of upholstery. I have one of the micro suede couches. In a lovely shade of cream. I know, what was I thinking? Anyway, the Magic Eraser does a great job of getting things like spilled, dried liquids off of the material. I was at my wits end trying to decide what to use, and as a last resort tried my handy little miracle worker. I was amazed. It did a spectacular job.

And I am sure there are a thousand more uses I have yet to find. Its not as good as having a maid. But it certainly helps cut down on cleanup time for your everyday messes. Not to mention its a lot less controversial than finding yourself a good Spell. I would highly recommend giving the Magic Eraser a try.

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