Museums and Other Things to See and Do in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a whole lot more than just “the keystone state”. Pennsylvania is a state rich in heritage, beautiful landscape and architecture and amazing people. With so much to do and see in Pennsylvania, the state deserves a week’s vacation all to itself! Just a short drive from D.C., New York and surrounding areas, Pennsylvania makes a great visit.

Interested in Benjamin Franklin and our founding fathers? Visit Philadelphia and the extensive history-filled museums that the City of Brotherly Love has to offer. Walk the cobblestone streets Mr. Franklin himself walked and take a stroll by the one and only Liberty Bell, crack and all! Don’t forget to stop at the famous art museum and peer across at Boathouse row to watch the crew teams from local colleges race down the river. After a day of seeing the all Pennsylvania’s eastern city has to offer, get a bite of a Pennsylvania tradition – a Philly cheesesteak, the likes of which can only be found in this great city.

Not far from Philadelphia, the city of Lancaster awaits, a world away from the big city. Lancaster is home to many in the Amish community. The town and people offer beautiful, rolling hilled farms and fresh baked goods. Be sure to try some homemade birch beer and shoofly pie. Visit a working farm and learn how the Amish make a living without much of the technology we consider necessary in life. While you’re there, take a ride in an Amish horse and buggy – the transportation of choice for the Pennsylvania Amish.

Just an hour plus drive out of Philadelphia and you’ll stumble on Pennsylvania’s popular winter resort area, the Pocono Mountains. Choose from many ski resorts in this Pennsylvania playground, including Blue Mountain and Jack Frost Ski Resort. You could even spend the day in Philadelphia and have time to do a little night skiing in the nearby Pocono Mountains!

If you prefer a spectator sport, check out Pennsylvania’s Williamsport, home of Little League Baseball. Set in rural Williamsport, the nation’s youth get together every year to determine the best of the best. All of this in Pennsylvania! Be sure to check out Pennsylvania’s version of the Grand Canyon, just a short drive away from Williamsport. Wear your hiking boots – it’s no easy trail!

If you’re looking for more history, visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the most notable battle in the American Civil War. Stroll the battlegrounds and read President Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address. Be sure to check out the surrounding museums, homes and inns as well. (Rumor has it that Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is one of the most haunted places in our nation. Stay at your own risk!)

Pennsylvania has world’s to offer any age and taste. Whether you’re looking to build your knowledge of our great nation’s history, or simply want to drive through some of the most beautiful countryside our country has to offer, Pennsylvania has it all. After all, as their license plates claim: You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania!

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