NFL Street 2 PS2 Cheats and Cheat Codes

NFL Street 2 is a worthy sequel to NFL Street that most football fans, and video game fans will like. The game now introduces 3 new game modes, each of which is good, but only Own the City is really worth mentioning separately. In the Own the city mode you go throughout the entire city playing many mini-games and picking up new players as you go based on their performance or unlocking some. Each of the mode of NFL Street 2 does have a weakness though.

NFL Street 2 is kinda long and hard and can be too much for a single player to beat, and it is much better to be playing in the multi-player mode challenging each other. Otherwise it is also rather boring after a time thanks to the repetitiveness of the game. You might consider just renting it rather than buying. If you do want to consider buying it, here’s the place where you can get all the games for the cheapest price available.

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The cheat codes for NFL 2 are listed below. As far as I know, these all work just fine with NFL Street 2 PS2 version, though I can’t guarantee that all of them will work exactly as mentioned below.

Cheat: Max Catching

Enter MagnetHandsin the cheat menu and players will have the highest possible catching statistic.

Cheat: Unlimited Turbo

Enter NozBoost in the cheat menu in NFL Street for a never ending supply of turbo.

Cheat: Gridiron Park

Enter GRIDIRONPRK in the cheat menu to unlock Gridiron Park.

Cheat: Other Team Fumbles

Enter GreasedPig in the cheat menu in NFL Street 2 and the other team will fumble constantly.

Unlockable: Team Xzibit Mode

Clear all five tutorials to unlock Team Xzibit Mode.

Submitted by Anthony Heilman

Unlockable Teams

Enter these codes at the cheat menu to unlock the corresponding team. Note that the entries are case sensitive!
NFC West All Stars – ENASFSCT
NFC South All Stars – SNOFUCTH
NFC North All-Stars – NNAS66784
NFC East All Stars – NNOFRCTH
AFC West All Stars – WAEFSCT
AFC South All Stars – SAOFUCTH
AFC East All Stars – EAASFSCT
AFC North All Stars – NAOFRCTH
Reebok Team – Reebok

Cheat: No Fumble Mode

Enter GlueHands as a code.

Unlockable: EA Field

Enter EAField in the cheat menu.

Cheat: Giant Player Mode

Enter BIGSmash in the cheats menu and all players will be enlarged during gameplay

Earn 25,000 Extra Credits:
If you use a memory card with the following games saved on it, you will earn an extra 25,000 credits when you start the game: Need for Speed Underground 2, NCAA Football 2005, NFL Madden 2005, NFL Street, SSX3

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