National Coming Out Day

There are many people in the world that consider themselves under the categories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender. Some of them are “out of the closet” or open to friends, family members, and strangers about their sexuality. On the other hand some people are still secretive and are not out. The coming out process to some is easy, but to others can be frightful, and hard. Many questions arise when thinking about admitting your alternative lifestyle to family and friends. Some are scared that their families will hate them or disown them, and what society might bestow on them for being open. Coming out is a different experience for every individual that does it. It can be a painful, life changing, and gratifying experience all at the same time.

Some of you may wonder when is the best time to “come out” or wonder how to come out. Fortunately, every year there is an annual day that is called “National Coming out day”. So instead of coming out alone, people can unite together. National Coming out day is every October 11. This day first started on October 11, 1987 when half a million people marched in Washington DC for Equal rights. Now every year this day is recognized and is there to help individuals to come to terms with their sexuality and help fight for equal human rights for everyone. One organization that has many resources on coming out is the Human Rights Campaign. This organization is very helpful and active in the fight for equal rights.

When an individual decides to come out it can be for many reasons which may include not wanting to keep it a secret or to help them live better emotionally and mentally. Coming out can be a process of an individual(s) coming out to themselves, to friends, to family, to co-workers, or to strangers. Each time that someone comes out is an act of courage and integrity, because that person is putting themselves out in the world. They are admitting to the world that they aren’t afraid anymore of what society things of them either negatively or positively. When someone comes out to society that they are LGBT it means that, that individual is telling society that I can love who I want to love no matter what other people think of it, and that is very powerful within itself.

If you are a person considering on participating in the National Day of Silence please go to the Human Rights Campaign Website and view all the different coming out resources. Also if you are looking for support on coming out many high schools, colleges, and LGBT community centers offer coming out groups. Coming out sometimes takes time, but if an individual goes at their own pace and decides to finally confront others and come out if can be a fulfilling life decision. So if you’re a person who believes that you have the right to love another person no matter what your sexual orientation is then it is highly encouraged that you join in promoting human rights.

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