Natural Air Fresheners for Your Home

Natural air fresheners are the best choice for your home. Some commercial air fresheners contain toxic chemicals that can harm you or your pets. Here are some wonderful ideas to freshen your home the natural way.

A sprig of fresh eucalyptus will scent a room for up to two weeks. It is also known for having a sinus-clearing power.

Lemon and Cloves
To eliminate strong odors form cooking fish or vegetables that give off strong odors, such as cabbage or onions, simmer half a dozen lemon slices and a handful of cloves in a pan for about 10 minutes. The smell of the fish or vegetables should be completely gone.

Rose Water
To make your own rose water, place a few drops of rose oil in a small bowl of water, then add a solubilizer (found in cosmetics section) one drop at a time to make the oil and water mix. For an added touch, float rose petals on the top, but make sure you change them when they start to turn brown in a couple of days. This can be placed on the kitchen table or dining room table and would make a good centerpiece also.

A small dash of vinegar can neutralize cigarette smoke, cooking odors, and any musty smells. If you have a musty smell in a drawer, fill a small glass dish with about 1/2 inch of vinegar and set in the drawer until the smell disappears. The vinegar will absorb the smells from the air.

Fresh Flowers
Tulips can be more than just pretty to look at. Tulips purify the air by helping to remove the formaldehyde given off by new kitchen cabinets or furniture. Bamboo plants and azaleas will also do the same. Even if you don’t have that smell in your house. Any fresh flower that smells good to you, will help freshener the air. Many flowers have a strong scent and will fill the room with their scent.

You can make your own potpourri very easily. Head to your local craft store and look for dried lavender, rose hips, senna pods, and juniper berries. Combine handfuls of each in a large bowl. Then, place two scoops of orrisroot powder in a small bowl and add a few drops of essential oil, such as lily of the valley. Blend with a wooden spoon. Sprinkle the orrisroot mixture over the potpourri and gently toss with your hands until completely mixed. You can refresh the potpourri once a month by adding more essential oil as needed.

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