Natural Remedies to Prevent Phlebitis

Phlebitis is the inflammation in the large veins in your legs. There are two types of Phlebitis: superficial and deep. Deep phlebitis causes severe inflammation and pain in the veins of the leg, which can cause pain and fever. Suffering from deep Phlebitis could cause serious problems if not treated immediately. Deep blood clots could abrupt and go straight to your heart or lungs, causing death. Superficial phlebitis is a vein near the surface of the skin that is inflamed and slightly painful. Although not as serious as deep phlebitis, superficial phlebitis should be checked by your doctor. Medical doctors will prescribe a painkiller and recommend putting a heating pad on the vein to relieve the pain. However, what doctors won’t tell you is how to prevent phlebitis by strengthening your veins and increasing blood flow and circulation.

A weakness in the veins comes from a sign that your liver is not working properly. If the liver is full of toxins the blood from your veins don’t flow properly or efficiently. A natural remedy to keep your liver working properly and preventing phlebitis is to cleanse your liver. Eating certain vegetables that help to cleanse the liver, such as carrots and radishes, will help to cleanse the liver and allow the blood to flow more smoothly from the legs to the liver. Carrots and radishes increase the flow of bile by eating a couple of each every day. The next natural remedy is to find a chair, but don’t sit in it. Lie on your back on the floor and put your legs on the seat of the chair this will allow the blood to move easily in and out of your legs and into your liver. Do this once a day for at least five to ten minutes.

What the prescribed painkillers won’t do is heal phlebitis, but Gotu Kola can. After freeing your liver from toxins you can start to work on your veins. This natural herb can help restore the normal elasticity in your veins to prevent inflammation. Buy gotu kola in capsule or tincture form and follow the dosage on the label. Another natural remedy to help prevent phlebitis is to take 100 mgs of butcher’s broom three times a day and two 80 mg capsules of bilberry three times a day. Both of these natural herbs help to strengthen veins and reduce inflammation, cutting down on your chances for getting phlebitis or from it recurring.

Take some vitamin E to prevent blood clots. Vitamin E strengthens the veins in the legs and thins the blood flow allowing blood to flow much easier. Plus, thinner blood helps reduce your chances of getting blood clots. For those with phlebitis, take two capsules of 400 ius of vitamin E daily. One of the best natural remedies to prevent and heal superficial phlebitis, if you don’t have any blood clots, is massage. Massaging helps increase circulation and releases the pressure build up in your legs. Massage your legs a couple of times a day gently but firmly. Rub the entire leg to help increase blood flow and prevent phlebitis.

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