Not as Famous but as Important

She may not be as well known as Cleopatra but the legend of Hatshepsut’s rise to power in ancient Egypt is the making of Hollywood movies.

The Kimbell Art Museum has artifacts and other intricate exhibits related to this time period on display through Dec. 31st in Fort Worth, TX in a show titled “Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh.”

The first great female ruler in history, Hatshepsut, available for public viewing as of Aug. 27th shows that the timing of this exhibit couldn’t be more perfect.

“Several years into her regency Hatshepsut tossed aside the title of queen for ‘king’ or ‘pharaoh’ assuming principal responsibilities for running the country,” said Janet Kutner. “Hatshepsut wasn’t the first woman to become pharaoh but the others, of whom there were only a few, were figureheads placed upon the position upon the death of their husbands.”

Cutner said like many huge Egyptian collections this exhibit’s items range from a vast array of objects from gold jewelry to furniture along with an extensive cast of characters.

Like a blue bowl of Lotuses and fish decorated on the interior (1479-58 B.C.), an earthenware piece.

By the time Hatshepsut rose to power Egypt had enjoyed two periods of prosperity, according to Cutner.

Marking her divine power she set the trend also for the black eyeliner worn by Egyptian women in those time periods. The result was a feline look.

Other period pieces include royal items from a king’s three wives.

Egypt’s outreach at this time was extensive reaching all the way to African influences.

A statute of Hatshepsut in granite can also be seen as part of the exhibit.

Monuments aside, the show is rich in marvelous treasures.

Hatshepsut is said to be one of the most intriguing figures physically and mentally, having attained all the powers and physical trappings of a pharaoh.

When she ascended the throne about 1473 B.C., the pyramids were more than 1,000 years old and 17 dynasties of kings had come and gone.

The museum is located at 3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard.

For more information, call 817-332-8451 or go to

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