Oakley Sunglasses: The Best Choice for This Summer

With summer just around the corner, you can be sure that there will be plenty of people sitting out in the sun and working on their tans. What’s one thing in common with all of these people? They’ll all be protecting their eyes with a cool and stylish pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are essential to looking good while on the beach, and more importantly protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The leader in eyewear is undoubtedly Oakley Co., which offers a number of great styles. Check out these Oakley sunglasses to be looking hot and sexy this summer.

The latest style of sunglasses that is hot right now are the giant wraparounds that many celebrities, including Lindsey Lohan and Brad Pitt, are wearing to parties an clubs. Oakley has cashed in on this trend with their Gascan line. Much like older wraparound models, the Gascan offers great coverage of the eyes, but redesigned with a larger lens and frame do that more of the face is covered. The Gascan has been spotted on the likes of Paris Hilton and others. The Gascan starts at $90 and comes in a number of different styles and colors including being available with polarized lens. Lightweight O Matter material makes the frames of the Gascan comfortable and durable. Oakley’s signature 3-point fit retains the lenses in premium optical balance. The Gascan will be the must have eyewear this summer so grab a pair before they are all sold.

If you are looking for a bit more sophisticated look that you can wear out on the town and still look good, then you should get a pair of Oakley’s Crosshair model. Oakley has capitalized on the aviator craze, but they have designed a classy and intelligent looking piece of eyewear that can be worn at a meeting just as easily as you could wear them on the beach. The slim frames hug the face and with comfortable unobtainium components, this line sits perfectly on you face without slippage. The frame is made out of C-5 alloy, so they are lightweight and extremely durable. The Crosshair comes in 5 colors and can be fitted with prescription lenses if wanted. At $145, they are a bit more expensive than other pairs of aviator sunglasses on the market, but the craftsmanship and style are definitely worth it.

If you plan on being active this summer, and can’t afford to spring for an mp3 player or ipod, Oakley has developed a pair of sunglasses that has a built in portable music player complete with headphones! Oakley recently released the Thump, which has revolutionized the way that athletes train and listen to music. Bikers, skateboarders, baseball players and more have all praised this new item, and it provides enough memory on its 512-megabyte memory for 120 songs. The custom Mylar speakers are attached to the arms of the sunglasses, eliminating annoying wires that can tangle from traditional mp3 players. These can be flipped up and down with a simple flick of the wrist, so engaging and disengaging your music will not get in the way of your sporting event. The Thump is deigned for high impact sports, so you can be sure that they will stay put on your head and are safe to wear for most athletics. The Thump even comes with a portable USB cable so you can hook into your PC or Mac. The Thump only comes in black and is a bit expensive at $345, but you get a great pair of shades and an mp3 player! The Thump is revolutionizing sunglasses so grab a pair and experience the future of eyewear.

Oakley makes the best sunglasses around, so when you are looking for your new pair this summer, make sure you head over to their outlet stores or www.oakley.com and pick up a stylish pair of shades for the summer.

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