Omaha High/Low Poker Tips and Tricks

Tips from facts.

The high hand has far fewer splits than the low hand. This means that you will rarely get quartered. It also means you will win more money from the pot with a high hand over time. With this in mind, the high hand should be more prone to raising the pot.

There are more flushes and full houses in this version of Poker than in Holdem. For this reason, be careful about betting large amounts early when getting 3 of a kind or a straight on the flop. Patience at this point will save substantial amounts of money. If the table is a weak group of players, you may be able to get away with it. At a strong table of players, be very careful.

If there is a pair in the flop, the percentage for trips or a full house is very high. Bet two pair at your own risk. If there are three cards of the same suit in the flop, there is a high percentage that there will be one of more flushes dealt. If you have a flush and a pair shows late, pray. There is a good chance a full house was made.

Tips and tricks from experience

Raising on an ace deuce before the flop is a low percentage play. Starting hands with ace(s) seems to be conducive to winning. Drawing to kings, queens, jacks or tens may work if you are running lucky, but in pot limit or NL, play the waiting game. Let others start the betting, you can always raise. Think like a gereral. Let the opponent trap themselves when you have what you believe to be the winning hand. It is terrible not to get paid off on 4 of a kind.

Play low anti PL games, which gives a good chance for making money without high risk to your chip stack. More money is bet on the hand and less in blinds.

The learning curve for Omaha is slower than Holdem, but a skilled Omaha player has a terrific advantage, as many Omaha players are careless with their bets and the risks they take. Remember the high hand wins more money over time.

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