Online Resumes: Six Errors to Avoid

I have read many resumes on the internet. Some of the online resumes are quite clever. Some of the online resumes are impressive. Other online resumes are just plain poor. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your resume does not fall into the “poor” category.

Online resume error #1: Avoid typos and misspellings:

Here is one example: Need somebody to pour over ridiculously boring but incredibly complicated banks of data, analyzing for trends and deviations?” The sophisticated resume reader would know that the correct phrase is “pre over” You pour liquids. You can, however, pore over banks of data Your online resume is representational of your skills. If your resume shows lack of attention to detail or spelling issues, you will have effectively disqualified yourself.

Online resume error #2: Avoid using swear words:

Would you swear at a job interview? If you would, and get hired, then I doubt you are interviewing for a quality jobs. No good and legitimate employer will hire someone whose cover letter states you will “work your skinny *$$ off for them”!

Online resume error #3: Do not complain:

No one wants to hire a negative person. If your resume states no one will hire you because you, for whatever reason, the reader is likely to say, “I don’t think I will either”.

Online resume error #4: Do not brag:

It is good and proper to state your qualifications, but do not do it in a braggadocios way. If a to potential employer reads that you are overqualified for everything, and no one has hired you because they are threatened, they will surely be turned off!

Online resume error #4: Do not use instant messaging shorthand:

Use full words. No one wants to interpret your resume. Write each work out.

Online resume error #5: Do not be boring:

Do not do the standard resume. Online readers are browsers. If the first sentence does not grab their attention, they will not read the second.

Online resume error #6: Do not assume people will find it.

Just because your resume is posted online, that does not mean that people will find it. To ensure your resume is read, post it on a website attached to your own domain name that is simple and easy to remember. Have your domain name printed on your business cards and hand them out to anyone who you want to read your resume. Also add your online resume to your email footers, and submit the link to anyone you want to work for.

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