PSP Twisted Metal – Head-On Video Game Review

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Twisted Metal was one of the first games to come out on the Play station Portable (from here on out, will be known as the PSP). It took the market by storm, being one of the very first games to be sold for the PSP system next to Wipeout Pure. The Twisted Metal series had always been known for their famous car racing and crashing games, and now, exclusively on the PSP, it was released on Mar 24, 2005. The gaming review websites everywhere gave it great scores, and I myself found it very nice to take out some rage on other cars on the road in a video game, rather than in the real roads where you are bound to get killed.

The game’s box design seems to be so out of the ordinary, that it attracts attention on the shelves at your local game store. With that in mind, it’s hard to miss it on the shelf if you had ever wanted to read up about it on your own, but here is a detailed review about it anyway.

The features of the game include several different cars to choose from, along with many old time favorites and bosses as well. It usually has about 8 levels with 2 different choices before each level, so you don’t feel like your playing the same game over and over again. It has about 12 different maps and great stories in story mode. The game itself on the PSP system can host up to 1-6 players via Wi-Fi (wireless internet), and can use both ad-hoc and infrastructure modes.

With many different stories’ to follow, 3 different game settings, and a huge variety of weapons, it would take a lot to get bored of this game. The game has many weapons to choose from to shoot from your car, including some secret ones such as Ice-Missile, and Land-Mine which you can read up about in the manual. There are many different missiles as well, such as fire missiles, homing missiles, ricochet missiles, Power missiles, Lock-On Missiles, and a few more. Not to mention the Special that your car has to offer.

There are an incredible amount of secrets hidden throughout each level! Some can get your better Power-Ups, and some can get you secret areas of the game! One hint I have to offer is to shoot the airplane that fly’s around in circles in the junkyard level with a fire missile. As soon as it hits, it will start to crash to the ground resulting in a huge accident that will open up an underground tunnel.

Overall, this game deserves a “B” rating, if not, an “A” rating for the quality of it. This game has been rated T for Teen because of mild violence and some drug references, but this game is perfect for anyone over 8 years old. It really was a lot of fun, and is highly recommended to anyone who loves the shooter and racing type of games. Enjoy, and happy playing!

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