Pack Your Child a Healthy Lunch for School

Children and Teens today are in school usually 8 months out of the year. Your students get up early in the morning and are in classes usually until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Student’s minds need lots of energy to be able to understand the subjects they are studying. Energy comes from eating healthy and nutritious foods, but most parent’s usually don’t have time to pack there kids a good lunch. So instead many students are given lunch money, or they eat at the school cafeteria.

Do you know what your students are eating? Did you know that a lot of students for lunch consume a lot of sugar, and junk food. The cafeteria food that students receive may be healthy but will your students choose those foods to eat? Packing a lunch for your child instead of giving them money can help them to start eating healthy. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a packed lunch, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

Some things to consider when packing your child or teen a lunch is the basic food groups, and leave out things like really fatty foods or foods with a lot of sugar. Things that you shouldn’t pack for your child’s lunch includes: soda, candy, pizza, and other junk foods. Instead of giving your student soda you can replace it with a bottle of water, or orange juice, or even apple juice. Instead of candy you can give your child or a fruit bowl, banana, apple, orange, or another kind of fruit. This way they can still have something sweet. Sometimes it is also good to put some yogurt in your student’s lunch as well.

For food items there are a variety of things you can pack your child. You can pack them their favorite sandwich. Sandwiches don’t have to be boring. You can put things like ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, egg, tuna, or practically anything. One unique sandwich is the banana and peanut butter.

If you want to make your food items more exciting for you child you could also pack them a wrap that includes meat and veggies, or a healthy chicken burrito, or even sushi. You can pack your child anything as long as it is healthy and includes things like veggies, meat, fruit, bread, pasta, and etc.

Also remember that there are certain things you need to do when packing your child a lunch. If you are packing anything that should be refrigerated make sure to include an ice pack. Also use sandwich bags or tin foil to wrap the food in. By wrapping the food you make sure that it won’t spoil or go rotten. A brown bag can be ok for a packed lunch but if you get a lunch box for your child it will be able to help keep it fresh and healthy.

These are just a few tips on how to pack a healthy lunch for you young student. When students eat healthy they have more energy to achieve in their goals at school, learn subjects, and get good grades.

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