Pirates 2 is a Letdown

Summer. It’s always the best time of year to go catch a flick and beat the heat for a couple of hours. But isn’t it a drag when you come out of the theater wishing that you’d spent that 10 odd bucks on a meal, or hell, an ice cream cone? I certainly feel rather let down after sitting still for two and a half hours and getting nothing out of it. One might refer to my condition as ADD, I’d call it frustration with film. One film in particular that I found to be disappointing was the highly anticipated sequel to the swashbuckling hit, Pirates of the Caribbean. The first film was entertaining. The second? Time consuming. Irritating. At times, garish. The script seemed as if someone had banged it out in a week and slapped it fervently on the table of some fat cat executive, who was drooling with money lust. This film could have been done better, people. The actors did a wonderful job, and I have no complaints about the all star trio, but the general storyline was crap. I haven’t actually talked to anyone who has reported that they enjoyed the film. Even the kids were squirming in their seats. The main let down? There was little, if any resolution, and far too much action to sustain any sort of feasible plot. Please Hollywood, put your money where your mouth is, and arrrrr…make sure your films are worth the gold.

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