Plato’s Closet – Sell Old Clothes for Extra Cash

Plato’s Closet is a unique consignment retail store just for teens and young adults. They buy and sell the latest fashions in used clothing and accessories you have in your closet. This isn’t a typical resale store! The process of the store is quick and easy; all you have to do is go through your overflowing closet and pick out the clothes you longer want. They buy and sell everyday, and will pay cash on the spot for the items you sell. Because every assortment of used clothes is changing daily, they will help you find the special one-of-a-kind style for less.

The store began its franchise in late 1999 now has over 130 locations throughout the United States and has also appeared in seventeen magazine and many other teenage magazines. The history of the store begins in Columbus, Ohio by founders Lynn and Dennis Blum. Experienced business owners, they had a long history of recycling success, and turned to their teenage son to help create the name for this new business venture. While doing research for a school project, the Blum’s son gained knowledge and respect for the Greek philosopher Plato.

How it is done is you bring into your used, brand name apparel and accessories to your nearest Plato’s closet store. Sign in with a buyer and review the steps needed to sell your clothes while you check out the latest arrivals. The buyer will review what you have based on variety of style, condition, brand name and the store’s current stock levels. The buyer will then enter the buying criteria details into their computer system to create an offer for the items they would like to purchase. An offer will then be made to you. Once you accept the offer, the buyer will complete the sell and you’ll leave the store with some extra cash in your pockets or a hot new outfit. Plato’s Closet stores looks for a wide of variety of styles and brands to suit their customers, from basic to fancy, causal to club wear. They offer the hottest and latest styles and accessories at value prices.

Plato’s Closet accepts:
New variations on the familiar themes:
Girls low-rise
Creasing and whisker treatments, bleaching, blasting, dirty and distressed denim return.
Decorative pockets are the newest attraction in denim jeans.
Embroidery and embellishment touches of rhinestones, and graffiti drawings.
Denim, tinted sandblasted and destroyed.
Denim skirts all shapes and forms.
Below the knees
Down to the ankles
Skirt finishes the same found in jeans.
Skirts, with a released hem.

Denim, in good condition.

Everything in denim:

Items you are selling should be freshly laundered and in good condition for the potential buyer to review items folded neatly in boxes or shopping bags. Do not bring clothes on hangers, or in garbage bags. Plato’s closet is located at various parts of Florida. Individual store information located at WWW. Come take a look, inventory changes everyday.

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