Play the Family Feud Game Online for Free

Are you bored with playing online computer games all by yourself? Or maybe you’d just like to find a fast-paced computer game that will hold your interest for more than a day? Well then, you should definitely check out the Family Feud game online.

One of the web’s most popular interactive, multi-player games, the online version of the Family Feud provides all of the fun of the hit TV show, without the need to round up four wacky relatives and jet to Hollywood for an audition.

You won’t win $10,000 dollars, of course-but you’ll still have a great time right at home!

It’s exciting to play the “Feud” online

Playing the Family Feud game online is a lot more fun than watching other people play it on television. The combination of quick thinking and the ability to guess the most popular answers to goofy survey questions appeals to both kids and adults alike.

The questions they use for the online Family Feud game are just like the ones from the TV show. They range from basic to bizarre, such as “Name a round fruit” to “What do you hate to get out of bed to do?”

The Family Feud online game consists of three regular rounds and a fast-money round. The survey questions flash on a “tv screen” image and you have ten seconds to type your answer in the box. You need to be able to think fast and type even faster (trust me, ten seconds is barely long enough to blink, let alone type an answer!).

If you answer correctly, you’ll score points. Try to come up with another answer as rapidly as you can. If your answer is incorrect, you’ll get a big X and you must try again. Three X’s and your turn for that round is over.

There are always hundreds of people playing the Family Feud game online, and a new game starts every few minutes. So no matter when you want to play, you won’t have to sit around and wait for other people to join in before you can start.

After three rounds are over, it’s time for the fast-money round. You have to answer five questions before the time runs out. The scoreboard then tells you how many points your answers got and also, what the most popular answers were. Lastly, it tells you which player won the game.

Register at an online gaming site to win prizes

You can start playing the Family Feud game online right away, without taking the time to register at one of the many online gaming sites. But it only takes a few minutes to create an account (it’s free and no credit card is required), and some sites let you earn points or tokens which you can use to try and win some great prizes. The more you play the Family Feud game online, and the higher your score, the more tokens you’ll earn.

One caveat: if you’re still using a traditional dial-up modem, you can play the Family Feud game online, but it’s a challenge to answer the questions in the time allotted. It’s not impossible, but it does take skillful typing and the ability to “think on your chair.”

Family Feud TV show trivia

Family Feud was one of the most successful television game shows of the 70s. Within one year of its debut in 1977, it went to number one in the ratings. Two five-member family teams faced off and tried to come up with the most popular answers to some pretty interesting survey questions. Hosts of the show included funny-man Richard Dawson (who always kissed the ladies) and the jovial comedian Louie Anderson. The syndicated TV show is now hosted by actor Richard Karn, who played Tim Allen’s sidekick on the TV show Home Improvement.

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