Playing the Game Truth or Dare

It seems like yesterday I was playing the age-old game of Truth or Dare with my sister and our friend who lived in the neighborhood, Bernadette Bowen.

One time someone had to drink a soda glass of Nyquil. She was out for hours.

According to some sample Truth or Dare questions can be:

If you could date anyone who would it be?
Which famous couple in history would you have liked to be a part of?
What is your most romantic dream?
What is your biggest pet peeve?
How many times during the day do you think romantic thoughts?

Truth or Dare is usually played with a group of five to seven people but less can participate.

It’s better to ask an embarrassing question if someone answers “Truth” as their option.

If someone answers “Dare” pick something embarrassing for them to do.

It can involve other people, even ones in public who don’t know they’re being part of a dare.

Truth or Dare was even featured on the old t.v. show “Xena” when Gabrielle and Xena played.

Gabrielle remembered making a kid nicknamed “Kicker” pull his pants down when she was a kid playing the game.

Some kids make each other kiss a boy as a dare.

But when I was in college and some friends of mine played one night they dared me to go into a busy grocery store in pjs and my huge animal slippers with animal heads on the tips.

So I did and got lots of stares.

But I didn’t mind cause I’d had a few.

There are even adult versions of Truth or Dare.

“The online Truth or Dare culture is huge,” said Tony Harp who manages a website for the game. “We have some offensive content.”

But he also asks questions like “If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?”

But a dare might be: “Say something dirty to the player on your right.”

One player reported, “I am thinking of making a dress-up dare be the first dare for my Christmas party so I’m looking for some sleigh bells.”

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