Polident Versus Efferdent Denture Cleaner

When people tell me that I have a pretty smile and nice teeth, I get really giddy inside. They do not know that I have a secret, a secret that no one would ever suspect from me. The secret is I wear dentures. Yes, I have a complete set of full upper dentures that I proudly wear and take out at night to soak and pop back in my mouth in the morning. I have used several different overnight cleaning solutions to find the ones that would keep my teeth looking as new as the day I got them. I have found two that I prefer above all others, Polident and Efferdent.

Efferdent is made by the Pfizer company. Pfizer also makes Listerine, Zantac and Actifed just to name a few of their brand name products. Efferdent comes in three different types of denture tablets. Efferdent Gold, which is mixed with Listerine, Efferdent Mint which has Listerine however the smell is not nearly as overpowering as the Efferdent Gold, and Efferdent Original. The denture cleansing tablets come in packets containing anywhere from 40-120 depending on your preference.

The instructions on use of the product is simple, you just place your denture in a coffee cup or denture bath with enough water to completely cover the denture add one tablet and let the denture soak. It is recommended that you soak your denture for at least 15 minutes every day. Most dentists agree that you should always remove your denture at night to sleep. I use the time while it is out of my mouth at night to soak in the cleaning solution. I always awake to a nice fresh smelling denture this way.

When a Efferdent tablet is dropped in the water with your denture it will turn the water blue and then to clear. It is important to rinse your denture off with water after it has soaked to remove any particles of food or cleaning solution that may be left on it.

Polident is very similar to Efferdent as the general cleaning instructions are the same. Polident offers four different types of cleaning options including, 5 minute, Smokers, Overnight, and Partials. Polident comes in packages of 36-108 depending on the style you go with. Polident also uses a triple mint system that uses peppermint, spearmint as well as menthol to help keep your dentures nice and fresh.

I have used Polident Smokers, when you place the tablet in the water it fizzes and turns the water red. I have found Polident to have the more pleasant smell between them and Efferdent as well as no bitter aftertaste after the dentures are rinsed off. However Efferdent keeps my dentures cleaner and removes stains quickly, where with Polident I was having to soak my dentures multiple times to remove stains.

Both denture solutions are easily found in most drug stores as well as retail chains. There is not too much of a difference in price between the two brands. The difference simply lies in the quality of cleaner. Remember if your dentures are cleaned properly, no one will be able to tell they are fake.

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