Positioning Your Baby for Breastfeeding

You’ve never breastfed before and your baby has never eaten before. Remember this when you begin to get frustrated with breastfeeding postpartum. Also remember the benefits of breastfeeding-it helps boost your baby’s immune system, melts off you baby weight, and gives you some bonding time with your baby. But my personal favorite-no bottle making.

The most common problem is positioning baby during nursing. There’s more than one way to nurse baby, but the best was is the one that is most comfortable for you and baby. Three simple ways to hold your baby to your breast are 1) the lying down hold, 2) the football hold, and 3) the cradle hold.

To try the lying down hold-lay baby beside you in bed, you on your left side and he on his right. Position him so that his mouth is slightly lower than your nipple. Guide his mouth toward your nipple. Cuddle or caress baby with your free hand.

A position that works especially well if you have had a c-section is the football hold. You can try this one by placing baby beside you face-up and lengthwise. Lay him along your arm and guide his head to your breast.

The most popular method however, is the cradle hold. For this position, lay baby lengthwise across your abdomen, using your elbow to support his head and your hands to support the bottom.

Whether you are currently struggling with nursing or preparing for when your little one comes, keep these positions in mind. Most importantly, be patient. Nursing may be difficult at first but with effort and support you and baby will get the hang of it. After all, women have been breastfeeding their babies since the beginning of time.

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