Possible Ways to Prevent and Treat Diabetes Type 1

Most traditional doctors believe that Diabetes Type 1 happens when the immune system mistakenly identifies part of the body as an outsider and attacks it and kills the cells of the pancreas, which produces insulin. However, there are some alternative doctors that believe that there are possible ways to prevent and treat Diabetes Type 1.

If diabetes type 1 runs in the family, it is important to avoid cow’s milk. For mothers with infants, feeding them cow’s milk instead of breastfeeding can increase the risk of the infant getting diabetes type 1. Alternative doctors believe that diabetes maybe an allergic reaction to cow’s milk due to the amino acids in the milk. Various studies have shown that children with diabetes type 1 had high levels of a particular protein found in cow’s milk. Alternative doctors believe that stopping the intake of dairy foods containing cow’s milk can treat and even prevent diabetes type 1.

The next way to possible treat and prevent diabetes type 1 is to avoid gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, oats, and other grains. Avoiding these grains, with the exception of buckwheat, rice, and corn, can help treat and prevent diabetes type 1. Gluten can possibly trigger a hereditary condition called celiac disease. Specific leukocyte antigens associated with celiac disease are also associated with the development of diabetes type 1. Although not certain, some alternative doctors believe that there is a possibility that since gluten can cause one hereditary disease, it can also cause another one. However, avoiding gluten can be difficult since it is found in many food products.

Based on research studies, increasing niacinamide, which is one of the B vitamins, is the number one nutrient for treating diabetes type 1, according to some alternative doctors. The nutrient needs to be given in the early stages of the disease to prevent pancreas cells from being destroyed and to help restore the normal function of the pancreas. Taking niacinamide in the beginning stages of diabetes type 1 can reduce or prevent the need to take insulin. For children, doctors advise taking 1 gram of niacinamide twice a day or .5 grams three times a day. For adults, take 1 gram three times a day. When taking this dosage, if it causes nausea, reduce the dosage. Before taking this dosage, the person should make sure they get approval from their doctor and take it under their supervision.

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