Product Review: Adidas Everest Boots

Probably one of the best boots I ever bought, despite pair after pair of Dr. Martens, has been my pair of Adidas Everest Boots. Not only are they athletic by design-and convenient and comfortable to just slip on when I need to go get my mail-they’re extremely stylish and eye-catching.

I originally bought my pair of Adidas Everest Boots for winter (actually, they popped up extremely cheap on eBay), I’ve found that they work just as well on a hot summer day. Although they sport a shearling lining from ankle to heel, which comes in handy during cold winter days, the boots do not overheat during a mid-July afternoon.

I’ve discovered that the best way to wear the boots is actually without the Velcro tongue [lace cover] attached to the boot. I typically like my boots tight, but I find just as much comfort keeping the laces loose and the Velcro straps unstrapped (but folded over, so as to not flap freely). This allows for convenient slippage and, best of all, some additional solidity beneath the bottoms of my jeans; I don’t have to worry about my jeans slipping under the heel of my shoe and I get to let the Velcro straps kick out from underneath every now and then.

But the boots have some other great features that I need to mention; one being the leather outsole. It combines well with the contrasting material that surrounds the foot-it’s cool-looking and utilitarian, because it’s waterproof yet breathable. Adidas was right to ask, ‘what’s the point of buying a boot that’s not waterproof-especially if it’s lined in shearling?’

One downfall, however, is that the boots come apart easily. I.e., they aren’t as durable as some other boots. They’re main intention is to appeal to the ‘Adidas lifestyle,’ which is the clothing line of Adidas that they belong to. Another bad thing: they’re nearly extinct; it’s impossible to buy the brown/black colourway online anymore. Although I did find a sweet new pair on, which is the site of one of the better Adidas designers, they’re in a unique (perhaps a bit too unique for me) colourway of white/tortoise. But at least they’re cheaper than the original price of the brown/black, which was around $175. The white/tortoise are only $100-probably because they’re a few years old already.

So if you’re in the market for a new boot this coming fall, I would definitely recommend the Adidas Everest Boot-if you can find a pair. But don’t be worried by the intimidating appearance of the boot because it can be manipulated to fit your preferences.

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