Quick Baby Bling Crafts

Want your baby to turn heads and grab attention? Maybe you just love the look of sparkles everywhere? You don’t have to spend a fortune to bling up baby – just try a few of these crafts. Most are simple and all supplies can be found at a regular department store or craft store.

Rhinestones, glass pieces and even sequin can add a lot of bling to baby items but choose ones in miniature sizes. Most craft stores have small bags of tiny rhinestones that are perfect for crafting but you’ll need tweezers to handle the bitty pieces.

The lids of your baby’s bottles is one place that you can bling up without much difficulty. Remove the lid, spread contact cement on it, and cover with rhinestones of one color, or various colors. Draw the baby’s initial on the cap, before starting, and do the initial in one color, then surround the initial with rhinestones of different colors.

Easily add sequin to a baby headband. Use fabric glue to attach the sequin, if the headband is made from any type of fabric. If it’s made of something besides fabric, use contact cement. You can use white glue, too, but don’t throw the item in the washer.

Many diaper bags are quilted and there’s an easy way to bling up the diaper bag: place jewels where there are cris-crosses in the quilting. Use fabric glue to attach the rhinestones or other jewels easily. The fabric glue is permanent if you buy the right type, and will grab and hold immediately.

Use a stencil to put a large initial, or initials, on a baby stroller. Again, use fabric glue which is waterproof, easy to work with, and will hold immediately. The jeweled initials look great on other things, too, like the back of a jacket, baby car seat, or even a crib.

Bling baby’s shoes by using the tiniest rhinestones and contact cement. Using cotton swabs will make it easier to apply the contact cement in just the right places, and no where else. Do an initial on the baby’s shoes, a butterfly pattern, or a design that follows the pattern of the shoe design. Also try adding bling to baby brush or comb, diaper wipe case, and even nail clippers.

If tweezers and glue seem tedious and undoable, try getting some bling from glitter paints. The paints are available in many colors and are easy to use. Simply squeeze them onto a shirt, down the sides of pants, onto booties, on hair bows, or on zipper pulls. Since they come in a tube that dispenses directly onto fabric and other objects, it’s easy to write names or draw pictures. Use stencils or carbon paper and coloring book pages to copy a design onto the item to be painted, if you feel more comfortable than hand-drawing.

Although rhinestones and sequin usually stay well-attached, remember that there’s always a chance that a baby could work one loose. Play it safe and keep items with attached rhinestones away from baby.

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