Rainy Day Activities for Homeschoolers

When it has rained for weeks, and you are out of fun things to do with your kids, what do you do? Here are some rainy day homeschooling activities you can use:

Rainy Day Homeschooling activity 1: Baking

One day I decided to add baking cakes to their curriculum. It was a sure-fire way to get my kids to slow down and read instructions. Unless they use measuring cups and follow the consequences would have been less than tasty pastries. One time in they attempted to bake marble fudge cake, did not read all of the instructions, and it came out medium brown and tasted like a wet sponge. After that, they were a lot more careful.

Rainy Day Homeschooling activity 2: Board Games

Board games can keep children occupied for hours upon end, while teaching valuable lessons at the same time. For example:

1. Monopoly teaches about owning, and renting property
2. Scrabble helps to perfect spelling and develops vocabulary
3. Concentration cards can be made for multiplication, and division facts as well as converting fractions to decimals. Just make cards with questions and match them with answers, or with decimals and fractions that match.

Rainy Day Homeschooling activity 3: Indoor sports

When it has been raining for ages, and you are dying to do something physical, you can do one of the following:

1. Go bowling. It is a great sport and as homeschoolers, you can go bowling during the day get your pick of lanes.
2. Roller or ice-skating is a great rainy day activity. Call your local rinks, many have special days for homeschoolers when you can get special rates and hang out with other homeschoolers.
3. Indoor game rooms are great rainy day activities. Most miniature golf establishments and family arcades also have batting cages, indoor golf courses, and basketball hoop games. It may cost a little, but sometimes it is worth paying to end chronic boredom.

Rainy Day Homeschooling activity 4: Television

Sometimes, you just have to let your kids watch TV. During one rainy period in particular, I gave my children unlimited access to educational channels on the TV. Their best preference was Animal Planet. During this time, they learned:
1. How babies are born (from watching dogs etc, have babies)
2. Care of animals and not to abuse them
3. Consequences of not being careful with animals (from watching the emergency animal hospital show)
4. Countless info on veterinary medicine,

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