Reality TV Show Idea: Career Swap

We have all seen shows like “Meet Your New Mommy” and “Wife Swap” We have also seen “The Apprentice”, “Hell’s Kitchen” and other such reality sitcoms that makes us all sit at the edge of our seats and wonder what these inexperienced people are going to do next. But what about taking people in professional paths from opposite sides of the financial ladderâÂ?¦ and, seeing how they do inside of one week’s time?

Career Swap: Ideal Matches

We all have thought it “Try walking a mile in my shoes” so; why not put it to the test? The idea of couple for each ‘one week period’ are as follows:
� A line cook of a high paced, popular restaurant swap with a highly stressed daycare provider.
� A confident waiter swaps with a construction worker
� A member of the zoo clean up crew swaps with an interior decorator
� Garbage man swaps with a jewelry store worker
� Port-a-potty cleaner swaps with a manicurist.
� A member of the house keeping staff of a trendy yet understaffed hotel swaps with an administrative assistant.
� Working dad swaps with stay at home/home schooling mom with 5 or more children.

Career Swap: Aaaahhhh, Sweet Revenge
The World’s population has the common working dad and stay at home mom. It is all too common for married couples to think that the other spouse isn’t pulling their weight. So, how would a dad handle cooking, cleaning, teaching, and caring after 5 children for a week and not get paid for all of those servicesâÂ?¦do you think he would last?

Career Swap: the Humorous Side
Could you picture a big and burly construction worker running after everyone else’s needs in a restaurant dealing with the common “my ice isn’t cold enough” or “I didn’t want dressing on my salad”? Even better how about a port-a-potty cleaner trying to use small and dainty tools to try and paint a fingernail, or much less the manicurist cleaning after used toilet paper and other such joys for a week. Who do you think would find it harder?

Career Swap: The Serious Side
We have all gone to one of those nice hotels with great room service, clean rooms and perfectly made beds. We have also seen the pompous men and women who make things especially hard for those that clean up after them. How would it be to see them swap shoes for a week? I wonder how different they would treat one another. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how much goes into making a great hotel and how the ‘higher’ class would deal with conforming to a new step on the social pyramid?

Career Swap: Just for Fun
Oh, the sweet life of picking up after animals in a zoo. What more could you ask for, after all your surrounded by many different colors, shades and patterns of animal coats. But how would an interior decorator whose life’s mission is to know the difference between bubble gum and tickle-me-pink. But better yet what fashion disasters could a zoo keeper createâÂ?¦don’t they know zebra print is out this year? What will an interior decorator do without their cell phone? How ever will they live? Don’t they know where they’re going they are not allowed to make decisions in their “former” line of work?

This is a hilarious new idea, Career Swap as a new reality TV show, could potentially catch on quicker and with more impact than shows like “Meet Your New Mommy”âÂ?¦Don’t you agree?

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