Redecorating Your Bathroom

The key elements in any bathroom makeover must include storage, painting, accessories, flooring, repairs, and then a thorough cleaning job. Typically, you can decorate your bathroom within a weekend, and it does not have to drain your budget.

Depending on the job you plan to tackle, you should be able to do most decorating projects alone. If you plan to install new faucets, sinks, toilets, or other plumbing related projects, you may need someone with plumbing experience. Some jobs are relatively easy if you have the tools, but others are difficult for the novice.

When starting any remodeling project, fix the broken items first. If you have a dripping faucet, tend to that. Often times, a simple adjustment of the faucet handles are enough to end the problem. On rarer occasions, you may need to replace the entire faucet and drain. If you have the correct tools (wrench, silicone tape, silicone putty/caulk, and buckets), you can get the job done yourself. All faucet sets come with instructions. Read them first and decide if you think you are capable. Furthermore, broken tiles, broken bathroom fans, and any blown light bulbs should be repaired or replaced.

The second task must be a thorough paint job. Bathrooms are moist and invite mildew to thrive. If you paint your walls with a flat paint, expect to have problems with mildew. A professional painter will inform you that flat paint invites mildew. Avoid flat paint; instead use a satin or semi-gloss. The brand Kilz prevents mildew and is generally available at Wal-Mart for under $20. Use it to prevent problems. If you need an inexpensive backsplash around your sink and want to avoid ceramic tiles, try linoleum tiles. Use Liquid Nail to glue them to the wall. Pick a pattern that will stand the test of time because you’ll have them up for a long, long time. Finish the tiles off with some wooden trim. Linoleum tiles are washable and durable.

Many bathrooms lack storage. You can easily install additional storage in any bathroom. Look for cabinet racks that are designed to go over toilets. These add towel racks and storage cabinetry in one. They do not take up a ton of wall space, so that should not be an issue in small bathrooms. If you decide to purchase one of the racks and shelving units that stands over your toilet, remember that if the toilet overflows or if the condensation in humid months is creating wet spots on the floor, the rack/shelving unit will need to be dried so that it does not mildew or rust. A unique idea for adding storage is to purchase a narrow standing CD rack or bookcase (unfinished wood). Paint or stain it to the color you choose and then hang it sideways on a larger wall. Each cubicle adds tremendous storage capacity and it will get many people talking about how it is such a unique idea.

Flooring should be your final project, if you need to replace flooring, you will need to remove your toilet. Laminate wood flooring is becoming highly fashionable, but it can be hard to keep it dry in a bathroom. Instead, try bamboo flooring, which requires a certain humidity level for lasting results. Otherwise, give the flooring you have a thorough cleaning. Get down on your hands and knees for this one and scrub well, especially around the toilet where grunge tends to build up. Finish with a thorough scrubbing of the bathtub, all faucets and spouts, mirrors, and light fixtures.

Usually, a thorough cleaning, some new cabinetry, and a paint job is enough to make your bathroom sparkle like new. Not only will it increase your pleasure in that area of your home, but it also raises the value of your home. Take a weekend and get the job done!

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