Relationship Help for Men: Show Your Special Lady that You Care

No matter how romantic or unromantic you may consider yourself, there are ways that you can be “Prince Charming” to the princess in your life. Don’t worry; none of these suggestions will involve donning tights to play the role! Another thing not to worry about is forgetting the date of an anniversary or birthday because romantic surprises are best given on a day she will not be expecting it.

There are all kinds of ways to make your lady feel special and to show her how you feel. Some of these suggestions will involve spending varying amounts of money for the surprise, but it is taken into consideration that the size of wallets varies as much as Prince Charmings will differ, so other ideas will not cost one thin dime to implement. Simply decide which of the ideas you wish to use to bring a smile to her face.

I have no extra money for surprises . . .

There are many ways to show the princess in your life that you think she’s extremely extraordinary without having to go out and spend money if that is not something you can manage. The first thing to do is to stop assuming, if you have been doing so, that any surprise that your lady really loves will need to be something that costs money. ‘Tis not true! So where can you start, and what can you do to show her that she is a very important part of your life?

Give her the gift of time. This is very important and may sound like a no-brainer to many readers, but it is much too easy to allow this to slip by day after day and week after week without nurturing it. Time, that’s all. Sit and talk with her. Ask about her day and be interested in her answers. Interact!

Tell her why you love her. If your thoughts right now are something that sound like “Ah ha! I tell her often that I love her!” then you missed the word “why.” Don’t let saying those three words become tired and rote. Tell her exactly what is so unique about her that makes you love her.

Show affection while you are offering that gift of time. Would she enjoy holding hands or sharing popcorn while watching television or a rented movie? Are you thinking right now that you have been together for a long time and those days are past? Don’t let it happen! It doesn’t matter how much time has passed; romance her!

I should add at this point, with a smile, that it would be a good idea to tell her of your plans ahead of time. Maybe even ask her how she would like to spend the gift of time you wish to give her. I say this because if you are not the type to have surprised her with romance in the past, it isn’t inconceivable that she will start thinking you’re up to something or feeling guilty for something you have done if you suddenly plop down on the couch and grab her hand or want to start smooching out of the blue.

Okay, good start, what else is romantic but inexpensive?

I am well aware that many men will visibly cringe at this suggestion, but I will offer it regardless. Try your hand at getting some romantic words down on paper. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the classic “love poem” but it certainly could be if you wish to try that. Prose within a real honest-to-goodness love letter stating what she means to you will be just as much of a treasure to her.

Is there a luxury she would enjoy around the house, perhaps on the weekend? Would she smile to have breakfast you prepared served in bed? Or perhaps she would be completely thrilled to find that you have run a bubble bath for her complete with candlelight and soft music? If children are involved, would she enjoy some private time for reading while you watch them?

The possibilities for ideas are limited only to the things you can plan and the types of things she would enjoy. She may choose a walk or a trip to see her parents. It would be a memorable gift to her if she doesn’t see them often although that may be the last thing that would appear on your own “list of fun things to do.”

I have some money to spend, what surprises can I offer?

Many women enjoy the traditional flowers, jewelry, or candy and that’s fine if you think she would prefer a surprise gift of that sort. However, don’t be afraid to come up with other fun ideas on your own by all means! Here are a few ideas to prime the inspiration mill.

— Plan a treasure hunt for her with a prize at the end. The prize can be a gift certificate to someplace where she can pamper herself. These places would include a book store if she likes to read, perhaps a music or video store, or a bath and body shop if she enjoys bubbles and perfume. The “prize” can be found in an envelope “near where the single rose will be found.” Give her verbal clues until she finds it . . . but not too many! You don’t want the hunt going on long enough for her to become bored with it.

— Plan and offer her a “day of pampering” perhaps with her best friend. If you are actually going to be paying for two people to do this, you will need to decide which amenities to pay for. Manicures, hair trims, or a day at the spa, whatever your budget will allow for your lady or for her and her best friend would be a fantastic surprise. If you are on the other hand feeling selfish, just plan to spend the day with her yourself at a unisex spa.

— Arrange for a “glamorous photo shoot” for her at a studio that specializes in those types of photographs. This is one thing that you will need to ask her about first, though. Some women would spend the next year talking about it but others would not be comfortable with having this kind of portrait done. Simply find out if she would enjoy it as a gift.

Recreate your first date (but only if it was a good one with fond memories, please!)

What if I really want to go all-out? Expense doesn’t matter

If you are in a position to spend a bit of money for her surprise, plan a mystery getaway for the weekend or even a bit longer if feasible. You will need to make all of the arrangements, and be sure to cover everything including all the reservations and researching for activities, lodging, and restaurants in the area. Don’t give the surprise away but do let her know if a flight is involved or if she will need to pack anything out of the ordinary such as a bathing suit in winter or a sweater in summer. If hiking will be involved, you will need to be sure she packs proper footwear, etc. On the other side of that coin, if you plan to take her dancing, be sure she doesn’t pack only sneakers and bedroom slippers.

Last words . . .

Women enjoy being romanced. I hope that some of these ideas confirmed the fact that the best gifts to her may not cost any money at all. Take some time to get to know her and make mental notes of things she enjoys.

Romance is not just for dating couples or newlyweds, it is for any couple, even those who have already spent many years together under the same roof.

Most women (there are always exceptions, as with everything else in life, of course) enjoy being made to feel like a princess. With a little creative thinking, you can accomplish that for her with very little effort. It will be something very memorable for her.

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