Relationship Quiz: How Compatible are You?

Give your partner a copy of this test and take it separately, but at the same time. Be sure not to peek! After you’re done, compare your answers and remember, have fun, and be honest, you’ll only be lying to yourself.

1. When hitting the streets for a night out, do you think?
A. Let’s get this party started!
B. Whatever you’re down for, I’m along for the ride.
C. Dinner and movie sounds perfect.
D. No thanks, just the couch, television, and my hunny until the sun comes up.

2. When you go shopping for a new car, what catches your eye?
A. A convertible.
B. A 2 door hatchback.
C. A 4 door sedan.
D. A mini-van.

3. It’s time to buy that car, what do you do?
A. No buying here, the fun is in the test drive.
B. Consult your partner to see what they think.
C. Haggle for the best price.
D. Check around for the best price and financing, leaving your options open.

4. Close your eyes and think of the future, do you see?
A. A party you’re going to Friday night.
B. An upcoming holiday
C. A sequential order of things (college, marriage, kids, etc.).
D. A house running wild with kids and pets.

5. Your choice for dinner is?
A. A sandwich on the run, who has time for dinner?
B. Something easy you can pop in the microwave.
C. A regular meal, such as pot-roast.
D. A seven-course meal like mama used to make.

6. What was your GPA when you graduated high school?
A. Like I remember that!
B. 3.0, but I could have done better.
C. 3.5, but it was hard.
D. 4.0 thank you.

7. You see a couple in a park playing with their baby, you think?
A. Better them than me.
B. Maybe if I found the perfect spouse.
C. One day when I know I can provide everything a baby needs.
D. Awe, I can’t wait to have a bunch.

8. A close friend invites you to her college graduation, but another good friend has already invited you to a party the same night, do you?
A. Apologize when you decline, making up some radical excuse.
B. Watch her grab her diploma, cheer really loud, and then head for the party.
C. Tell her of course you’ll be there and explain to your other friend you will be there late.
D. Go of course; memories are better than parties any day.

9. When it comes time to get creative in the bedroom, you think?
A. The more the better
B. As long as it’s cool with your partner
C. A little is ok but let your partner know your limits.
D. Missionary style only please!

Ok, here is the breakdown of the answers. Tally yours up and then compare the results with your partner. Keep in mind if your not written in the stars, that doesn’t mean it can’t work, it just means you have to try harder.

If you scored mostly A’s- You’re a fun and outgoing person who is not ready to give up the life in the fast lane. You take things as they come and live for the moment. You do best with other A’s or B’s, especially since B’s are eager to please and are easy going.

If you scored mostly B’s- You love to please your partner, you’re laid back, and full of compromise. You like to have fun, but keep in mind the tasks of life. You do best with other B’s, A’s, or sometimes C’s. C’s may be more of a challenge, but embracing it and bring out their wild side can be fun as well.

If you scored mostly C’s- You are a practical person who normally weighs the pro’s and con’s of situations and you know what you want out of life. You do best with other C’s; D’s can work too as long as you are willing to help them keep their head about them. You can also be compatible with B’s if you are willing to let your inhibitions go every once in a while and have some fun.

If you scored mostly D’s- You are a person who loves to be with the people you care about and nothing ranks higher then them. You can’t wait to settle down with your soul mate and start a clan of your own. You do best with other D’s or C’s, since they can help bring practicality to your dream filled world.

If you scored a mix of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s- Take the test again or figure out what you want in life, you are a fickle person.

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