Reversing Personal Debt

I was at the car dealership last week, owing over 12 times what my car is truly worth praying that the banks would allow me to trade my piece of junk for their fairly new vehicles, and I could upgrade from a car that is over 7 years old to one that is only 2 or 3. They tell me that I am upside down, and that with the negative equity in the vehicle they would offer me another loan very independent of the one that I am trying to pay off. So for another $30 a month I could float two individual payments. I do not think so.

I do not hate the bank, but I have enough drama with the responsibility of paying off the one vehicle, one which many individuals would simply opt to be repossessed, while they drive around in a 2003. Yet that is getting over, once again, and getting by is why I am in the deep financial situation I am in to begin with. How many times are we going to walk around the city coveting what everyone else, neglecting our current responsibilities because we are not thankful for what little we have?

  • Take the necessary steps to pay back the debt that you do not use. It is not enough to stay current with what few accounts you have; it is like paying the minimum balance on a credit card. You continue to run further into the red and find yourself sinking instead of moving ahead. Even if it is simply a show of good faith, it does clear your conscious somewhat.
  • Your ten percent is a lot more than just paying back your parishioners for the use of their facility. If you truly are looking to be blessed you need to help others in times in which it is disadvantageous for you to do so. Times when you cannot claim it on your income tax because that is not really giving anything at all, it is simply having the government foot the bill for you. You are not fooling God or anyone else around you, plus, if you invest 10%, save 10%, in addition to what you were supposed to be tithing that is a substantial amount of money being paid into the netherworld for you to reap the benefits of in the future, karma or otherwise.
  • Stop buying what you do not need! How many of us are taking advantage of all the sales, running up credit debt and simply taking away from our pockets when that money we’re supposed to use to get us by during the week? It does not matter if Manolo shoes are on sale somewhere for $50 or Prada has a silk shirt on sale for $75, it probably is not anything you really need when your closets are already full. Halo 5 can wait for another day when you do not have to rent it from Blockbuster because youÃ?¯Ã?¿Ã?½do not haveÃ?¯Ã?¿Ã?½enough money to purchase the game.

I would rather pay off my current vehicle, someway, somehow, than pay up to two grand to maintain a vehicle, money that I rarely have. Besides, if I am trapped in a loan for the long haul to begin with why do I want to get right back into another four or more years of heartache. People are leasing brand new vehicles for a fraction of what they would pay to purchase them, but with so many restrictions, it is as if the car itself in danger of violating parole! Get out of the big house and find a way to move beyond the few thousands of dollars that you can typically allot yourself to spend, moving forward towards real prosperity!

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