Review: Dawn Simple Pleasures

Dawn dishwashing liquid has been a favorite of mine for a long time. There is nothing better in my opinion when it comes to cleaning greasy dishes. So when I heard about Dawn Simple Pleasures I knew I had to have it!

Dawn Simple Pleasures combines the same great grease-fighting dish soap I’ve used for years with a built in air freshener at the base of the bottle. The air freshener is built right into the base of the bottle. Think about it … you can get your dishes squeaky clean and clean your air at the same time. Instead of smelling like burnt chicken, you kitchen will now smell great!

All you need to do is peel off the cellophane covering from around the air vents where the fragrance is located, and then just kick back and enjoy the wonderful scent.

Dawn Simple Pleasures comes in three different scents – Water Lily & Jasmine, Apple & Pear and Lemon & Tangerine. My favorite is Apple & Pear.

The Apple & Pear scent is a subtle, sweet scent of a mix of apples and pears. It’s not too sweet or overpowering, though. It also lasts a long time because I could still smell it even after the dishwashing liquid was gone.

I really like the fact that the scent comes from small scented beads, which to me makes it worry free. There are no batteries to install or worry about changing out, no need to try and find a spare electrical outlet to dedicate to a fragrance holder, no oil to worry about leaking into an electrical outlet, and no spraying stuff all in the air to have to breathe into your lungs.

The fragrance is enough to cover up the smell of:

1. Our new puppy that we leave in the corner of the kitchen while we are at work.

2. The rank dirty dish smell from our teenagers not rinsing out their dishes before putting them in the sink and rushing out the door.

3. The small garbage can we keep under the sink that can get sort of foul at the end of a hot day.

4. Burnt food smells, and we tend to burn a lot of food in this house for some reason.

An added bonus – the bottle is pretty too and sort of jazzes up my kitchen sink area.

So to sum it up, paying $2.99 for 12.6 oz bottle of Dawn Simple Pleasures is a great deal in so many ways. I highly recommend this product.

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