Review of the Canon Digital Rebel XT Camera

I can’t live with out my Canon Digital Rebel XT. It comes with me everywhere I go, it was a specially requested gift and this is why… It is an 8 megapixle digital slr (single lens reflex) camera made by Canon and it is Canon’s smallest and least expensive DSLR yet, it is the lightest camera of its type currently made by any manufacture. This camera appeals to many, an advanced or professional photographer will appreciate its high image quality, small size and light weight, making it a great back up, travel and street shooting camera. While amateur photographers, photography students, individuals on a budget and families will be attracted to its low price and high image quality. The Canon Digital Rebel XT is sold a few different ways; it is available as a body only, or as a kit with a 18-55 mm zoom lens. Also it comes in your choice of either silver or black.

Personally I love this camera because of its size, capabilities, features and available accessories. It is compatible with a wide variety of lens, filters, battery grips, cases, camera bags, tripods, flashes and styles. I am a amateur photographer as well as a photography student, I looked into all of the other manufactures “entry level” cameras but none of them offered what the Canon Digital Rebel XT does and none of them felt as good, right, secure, perfect in my hand. I am convinced because of its slightly smaller size it fits better and more comfortably in most peoples hands and making them fell like they have a secure grip.

The Digital Rebel also has a very fast startup speed, taking just a fraction of a second to power up and produces brilliant pictures. In case you’re wondering, the Canon Digital Rebel XT has manual controls which let you have better exposure control over your images and you can have fun playing around with the various focusing and manual options. It comes with a rechargeable battery and the charger, it is a proprietary lithium and will last for many hours, one of the recommended accessories is an extra battery especially if you travel and will not have daily access to a plug to charge the battery.

The Canon Digital Rebel XT is one of the most popular, well priced, stylish, user friendly, entry level digital SLR’s on the market today. It is arguably the most popular due to its price and features, but don’t take my word for it our your neighbors go out and try one yourself. Most camera stores (not like target or costco) will let you play around with the camera and will demonstrate and go over its features with you. I would suggest going into a store to look at, feel and play with this Digital SLR (or any you may choose to buy) and then compare prices online, sometimes you can find a company or web site that is selling the camera for up to $100 less, surprisingly has great prices.

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