Rock Climbing in St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah is known for its famous red rocks. Don’t worry it doesn’t cost any money to go rock climbing on the Red Rocks in St. George. Residents and tourists love to go rock climbing in the St. George area. One thing good about St. George is the red rocks that is up so high that you can see all over the city when you are top of the red rocks. Climbing on the red rocks can be fun and entertaining. Just make sure to wear the right type of shoes when rock climbing. Make sure to keep a cell phone with you. Bring enough water and food if it is going to be a day long event.

Rock climbing can be dangerous at times if you aren’t climbing the rocks safely with proper shoes. Don’t go into area’s that you can’t handle or that you might get stuck in. Make sure to never go rock climbing alone just in case you might fall or get lost sometime. Don’t go rock climbing at night time because it is dangerous to do that and you aren’t allowed to be there after night time. Another place to go rock climbing in Zions National Park in Springdale, Utah that is about thirty minutes away from the outskirts of St. George. You can find out more information about Zions National Park at the park website on the Internet. You have to pay a fee to get into Zions National Park, but it is fun there and has beautiful scenery. Zions Nationals Park also has lodges and fancy food restaurants in the area.

Whenever you are rock climbing make sure to bring enough sunscreen lotion. Be careful when rock climbing to wear properly so you don’t damage your knees if you fall off the rocks. Make sure to always bring a few people with you when you are rock climbing just in case an emergencies ever arises. Climbing rocks can make you extremely tired afterwards so make sure to not over do it. Rock climbing wears you out after a hour or so. A day long event of rock climbing might take a while to recover from cause of being too sore the next day.

Make sure to be physically good shape before you go out rock climbing. You don’t want to do something that you aren’t physically fit for. Make sure to drink enough water when rock climbing due to the sun and heat outside. One thing about St. George is that it is extremely hot in the 100’s or more most of the year. Most people can’t handle the heat in St. George since it is so hot.

Zions National Park is about ten degrees cooler in the summer time than St. George area. Most people love to visit Zions National Park since it is so much cooler there during the summer. Zions National Park also has a ton of beautiful scenery. Zions National Park also has a yearly pass that visitors can buy. The yearly pass is the best ticket to get money wise. Have fun rock climbing!

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