SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Saturday Night Live Characters of the 1990s

If you love Saturday Night Live and find yourself invited to a Halloween or other costume party, there are a bevy of characters you can become. Focusing on SNL characters who reached peak popularity in the 1990s, I have assembled a brief guide to ten different Saturday Night Live costumes. You’ll find a mix of male and female solo characters as well as memorable duos from America’s favourite sketch comedy show.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Mary Katherine Gallagher
Played by Molly Shanon on 18 SNL appearance from 1995-2001.
One of the most enduring spoofs of the Caholic schoolgirl, Mary Katherine makes an excellent SNL Halloween costume. She’s instantly recognizable, and her look is easy to pull together by raiding friends’ closets or thrift stores: cheap plastic glasses, white collared shirt, tall white socks, plaid skirt. navy sweater vest with insignia, and red hair band. Superstar!!!

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Stuart Smalley
Played by Al Franken on 19 SNL appearances from 1991-1995.
Bringing us daily affirmations, Stuart was such a consistent presence on SNL that everyone was saying “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone itâÂ?¦people like me.” This is a very easy costume: a yellow button-down shirt – buttoned to the very top – complemented with a light blue cardigan and khakis. If possible, coif your hair Stuart-style.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Helen Madden the Joyologist
Played by Molly Shannon on 9 SNL appearances from 1996-2000.
“I love it, I love it, I love it!!!” she shouts, while kicking her leg and sitting in the most awkward positions. There’s no one exact outfit for Helen – just look for something loud and flowery on top, maybe a vest. If it resembles the print on the lobby couch of a HoJo in Pensacola, you’re probably nailing it. Pair with a bow in the hair, tacky beaded jewelry, blue eyeshadow, and some kind of women’s “slacks,” ensuring you can kick.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: David Larry and Miss Colleen (from Dog Show)
Played by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon on 6 SNL appearances from 1998-2000.
A skit so bizarrely awful that it became hilarious, Dog Show featured an unusual couple: David Larry, an effiminate drumming homosexual was married to the often gown-clad Miss Colleen. The pair toted two foofed-up dogs, Mr. Rocky Balboa and Mr. Bojangles, who can be achieved with stuffed animals if you don’t have real toy dogs. David should sport a light color blazer and turtleneck while carrying a drum. Miss Colleen can wear any vaguely elegant nightgown – the more flowing, the better.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World
Played by Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers on 18 SNL appearances from 1989 to 1993.
It’s getting up there in age, but it was no doubt one of the most popular SNL skits ever, spawning not just one but two movies – and plenty of catchphrases. Wayne just needs a solid black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black-and-white Wayne’s World hat, which you can make with stick-on letters. Garth needs glasses, the trademark dirty blonde hair (you may want a wig), blue jeans, and a rock band t-shirt covered with a flannel.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Mango
Played by Chris Kattan on 16 SNL appearances from 1997-2002.
Ah, the flamboyant performer who dramatically bats away his many admirers, male and female. Since Mango is about the attitude and affectation, any tragically loud and flashy top should work, as long as it’s combined with some short shorts, makeup, and slicked hair. If possible, be sure that “Missing” by Everything But the Girl is available for your entry to the party. “Such is Mango.”

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Canteen Boy
Played by Adam Sandler on 7 SNL appearances from 1993-1994.
With a folding hat, a canteen, and some olive green clothes that vaguely resemble the appropriate uniform, you too can be the adult Boy Scout popularized by Mr. Sandler. An army-navy store is probably the place to assemble this costume.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Craig and Ariana, the Spartan Cheerleaders
Played by Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri on 17 SNL appearances from 1995-1999.
In my opinion, one of the funniest, laugh-out-loud skits in SNL history, the Spartan Cheerleaders share the instant recognition of Mary Katherine Gallagher. First off, Spartan colors are red, black, and white. Craig wears red sweatpants/trackpants, a spirit sweatshirt with “Spartans” written diaognally, and sneakers. Ariana needs a more traditional female cheerleader outfit to match. even sells a complete Craig and Ariana costume set if you can’t find the components yourself.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Margaret Jo McCullin and Terry Rialto, hosts of Delicious Dish
Played by Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon on 14 SNL appearances from 1996-2001.
Even as an NPR fan, I have to admit that this cooking show spoof is well-deserved. For dress, wear what you’d expect the middle-aged women hosting an NPR show to wear: turtlenecks with pins, crocheted sweater vests, etc. For props, don headphones and carry a tray of cookie balls – to invoke on of the best instances of the skit: Alec Baldwin’s “Schwetty Balls” appearance.

SNL Halloween Costume Ideas: Mr. Peepers
Played by Chris Kattan on 12 SNL appearances from 1996-2002.
Though a tiring part to act, this monkey-man is an easy Saturday Night Live costume: some grease and dirt on the skin, messy hair, and some sort of sloppy overall shorts with no shirt. Carry bananas, too!

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