Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Vs. AirStocking

This article will compare two brands of leg makeup: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and AirStocking. Readers of fashion magazines can tell you that a bare leg is much more fashionable than panty hose. And leg make-up is a great alternative. It can hide veins, freckles, bruises and other flaws giving legs a smoother, finished look. Once only available to makeup artists and celebs, now spray-on leg makeup is widely available to anyone. I will compare the two products in several categories including Color, Wear, Price, Availability. Both products make the claim that “It’s like spraying on pantyhose.” Or “can perfectly recreate the even look of silk hose” which is ridiculous. It doesn’t look like hose. If you look closely it looks like makeup- but of course the goal is for it to look like nothing at all.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs comes in 5 colors: Nude Glow, Light Glow, Tan Glow, Medium Glow, Deep Glow.
AirStocking comes in four colors: Natural, Terracotta, Bronze, Coco

For a true test, I sprayed one leg with each. The method of application for both is the same: spray on a dry leg- preferably over a towel or tub so you don’t make a mess- and spread evenly. Allow to dry for a few minutes. The Sally Hansen colors look like the “flesh tones” in a crayola box and when you spray them on they make your leg look kind of like a Barbie leg. But they definitely cover up imperfections! I am fairly pale so I used Light Glow. It goes on like spray paint and you have to work quickly to get even coverage because it dries pretty fast.

With AirStocking, I used Bronze- almost the darkest color. It went on darkish brown and was a major contrast with my skin. However, one stripe on my shin was enough to “tan” my whole calf a lovely light bronze color. The color actually adjusts and wasn’t too dark at all. I could have done another coat for a deeper shade.

I was scrutinizing my legs close up and was sure that they looked fake, so I went outside. They actually both looked pretty good. But I just got lucky with the Sally Hansen. If your skin is not close to one of the 5 colors they offer, it’s going to look weird. For color, I give the advantage to AirStocking because a) it’s more adjustable b) easier to apply and c) looks more natural- less cakey, less like make-up. Extra points to AirStocking for ease of use.


I wore a denim skirt and the Sally Hansen leg rubbed makeup off on the hem. The AirStocking leg did not. When I took a shower, the makeup stayed on the AirStocking leg- which I couldn’t believe. It really is waterproof. The Sally Hansen leg washed off- and I didn’t even try to wash it off. The AirStocking stuff is unbelievable! I could go swimming in it! So it should come as no surprise that when I was ready to take it off, it was difficult to remove. I had to really scrub with soap and a washcloth. But the winner for wearâÂ?¦ AirStocking!

Cost and Availability

Here is where there is a big difference. Although I believe that AirStocking is a superior product, it is hard to find and almost three times the price of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. The Sally Hansen product is widely available at drugstores and discount stores for around $10. AirStocking can only be found at specialty stores or online. (It’s a Japanese product that is not really makeup, but a fine mist of silk particles. So I guess that explains the price.)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a decent product and with some practice you can make it work for you. I suggest spraying it on your hands and then rubbing it on your legs. But- I wouldn’t wear it with clothes that you are really worried about, or if you sweat a lot, or if you plan to get wet. AirStocking is expensive and hard to find- but truly an extraordinary product that you can wear anytime with anything. And if you have ever been self conscious about showing your legs either product will be a godsend.

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