Saving Money and Staying at Home with the Children

Are you a stay at home mother or father. Do you wish you could help take some of the financial stress of your significant other. I know I sure did. Well after lots of research I was able to help out a lot just by saving money. I am passing these Great tips on to you. Grocery shopping is probably the number one way to save on money. There are all kinds of ways to save money on grocery shopping. If you have access to on line and a printer you can start saving today. Thats right, I did say TODAY. Go on line and search for coupons, there are all kinds of places that let you print free coupons right from your home. Just click and print, that’s all you have to do and you are on your way to savings. If you want even more coupon’s your local newspaper is another great way. The Sunday paper has all kind of coupons for you to use. Another way, that endless amount of junk mail you get and throw away, take the two minutes and sift though them, you never know what you can save there. After you have all your coupons in order get them sales ads out. Start matching the sales ads to your coupons, and DOUBLE your savings. Lets say that have an item you use a lot of and its on sale for buy one get one free and you have two coupon’s for it, Use them both. Most stores print out coupon’s with your receipt. Did you know you can use that coupon and a manufactures coupon at the same time. Your savings are endless when it comes to grocery shopping.

Another great way to save money is by making your own products. Did you know you can make you own laundry detergent. It cost half the money to make it then to buy it, and you get double the quantity. There are a lot of household things you can make. It will save you hundreds. Baby products, House hold cleaning products and food to name just a few. Planting a garden even a small one can be easy to maintain, plants are very cheep and they taste so much better.

Another big costly factor in life is clothes. Specially if you have children, clothes can become very costly. There are lots of ways around this one. Garage sales are a huge way to save money. You can buy so many clothes there for the full price of one thing at the store. And lets face it, most of your kids clothes don’t even get worn out. They out grow them first. Tons of people even sell brand clothes with tags still on them. Now thats a bargain. Another great way to save money on clothes is shop out of season clearance racks. When summer is just starting, shop winter clothes. That cute sweater you seen for 40 bucks could be marked down to as much as 8 bucks. you can get much more for your money.Second hand stores are another life savor. You can find great clothing for under a buck. You will have to sift through a lot of clothes to find some good ones, but it will be worth your time. On line is another key factor here. You can shop on line for new and used clothes. ebay is a great place. And how great to shop while sitting on your bottom. I cant think of a better way then that. I have found if you buy bulk items on ebay you save a ton of money.

I hope these tips will be useful to you like they were to me. Check out the web sites I have listed for you
and your savings can be endless. You could stay at home with your kids with a little effort.

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