Scary Movie 4

So another Scary Movie was made this time the 4th installment of the film series, and I was skeptical whether it would be repeated jokes from the other movies or if they would keep it fresh and new. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie; the writers which still include the Wayans have again hit the mark. With jokes from the most recent scary movies, to jokes about pop-culture, or just jokes on popular celebrities such as Shaq, Kobe Bryant, and Charlie Sheen, this movie has it all.

I wouldn’t say this is the best of the Scary Movie Series, but like all the other movies they have the X-factor, in the form of Anna Farris. She is great in any role she plays, I have never seen a movie that she had a role in that I haven’t liked. It has all the expected movies in it and some others that I didn’t expect that were in my mind great additions. The Million Dollar Baby scene was a great piece that gave the movie some extra laughs.

The two main movies that make up the basis for the Scary Movie 4 are War of the Worlds and The Grudge. With aliens attacking Cindy seeks help from the ghost she meets in a haunted house to find a way to defeat the aliens. Why would a ghost help Cindy who cares it doesn’t have to make sense it’s a spoof. Will Cindy be able to find out how to stop the aliens in time?

Scary Movie 4 is just like every other Scary Movie you have seen, so if you liked the others you will love this one. What I liked about this movie is they keep coming up with new jokes that are hilarious, the Shaq/Kobe joke made me laugh so hard, and coming from Shaq made it even better. They had a Broke Back parody which was hysterical, and they even brought in a Mike Tyson ear biting joke and made it funny even though we have heard a million jokes like it.

This movie wasn’t all great there is one running joke that started in one of the films that I hate and wish would never been done again. It’s the joke where some one (normally a kid because I guess that makes it funnier) is repeatedly hit over and over until the joke is over done and tired. If they stopped this joke I would be happier then if Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen never made another movie.

Overall I would say this film is a 3 out of 5, it’s funny and worth seeing in the theater. You will laugh a lot and just bare with the repeated shots to the face that little Catherine takes, and I don’t think that is her name she just doesn’t have a big enough part to remember her. Just sit back relax and get ready to laugh.

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