Seduction Tips

Rather than ignite a blaze that burns itself out quickly, why not create and sustain a romantic fire of seduction that will endure the test of time itself. Let’s face it, would you rather eat one gigantic meal, go on one expensive shopping spree, have one short-lived but explosive romantic fling, or enjoy several delightful meals, indulge in random purchases, and luxuriate in a long lasting relationship that not only feeds your heart but your soul as well? Why binge on love, when you can reap the benefits for years to come? Seduction is an integral part of the love equation. Tip the scale in your favor by practicing a bit of seductive play on a daily basis.

To keep the fire burning one must constantly add kindling, although tossing a nice size log on every once in a while won’t hurt. How exactly does one add kindling to the blaze of love? It’s a simple, enjoyable and romantic process that not only will your mate enjoy, but you will also. The game of seduction is an easy one to play. Once you begin, the love of your life will most likely join in the fun.

Remember to focus on the words simple, enjoyable and romantic. In a romantic relationship, the small things are the ones that truly count. Keep it simple and sexy, otherwise referred to as KISS. What good is spending hours looking for the right dress, a matching pair of shoes, a color coordinated purse, and getting the newest hairstyle, when a simple, sexy nightie will create the desired effect so much better?

Set the scene and turn the dial to seductive. Slip on a sexy nightie in his favorite color. Light a few candles with a delicate scent. Turn on some romantic music. A back massage definitely feels good, but gently running your fingertips along the back of his neck will send a message that’s loud and clear. Send him the message and then give him the massage.

Next, you need to remember to make it enjoyable. After all, if he enjoys it, he’ll be back for more. The amount of time invested is not what is important, but rather the amount of enjoyment derived from the experience. Why bother spending fifteen minutes listening to his long tirade about his day while waiting for your turn to talk? A simple maneuver of slowly lifting your fork to your mouth, while looking straight at him with a glint in your eye, will get his attention and appreciation so much more quickly? The promise of possibility is a terrific motivator.

Finally, remember that romance is in the eye of the beholder. True, you would probably appreciate a single rose and a love note placed secretly upon your pillow, but I can almost guarantee that he would prefer to see a pair of sporting event tickets strategically placed upon his. In reality though, everyone wants to know that they are loved and appreciated, so by all means, place that little love note in his lunch bag or briefcase.

If you decide to play the game of seduction, be prepared to play it well. Think about your options, vary your methods, and respond with purpose. Whatever you do, add something daily to keep the fire burning and you will be sure to stay warm at night!

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