Selling Your Home

Most people who buy a house or property will eventually be on the other side, and will actually sell the house again.
You have to prepare your house for selling, setting a price, and deciding whether to sell it yourself or bring in a real estate agent, to help you.

Preparing your house for selling

It is very important how you present the house, and that can help you sell the house fast and a good price. You should makeany needed repairs and paint exterior or interior areas.Make sure you clear the garage and the basement of debris, and keep the lawn cut and the leaves raked. When showing your home, open drapes and turn on lights to give it a pleasant atmosphere. This will make your property attractive to potential buyers.

Determining the Selling Price

This is a very tough decision, because if the price is too high, you risk of not selling it immediately and on the other hand if the price is too low, you will loose money. Here an appraisal, an estimate of the current value of the property, can help you set the right price. The asking price is influenced by recent selling prices in the area, demand and available financing based on current mortgage rates.

The home improvements you have made may or may not increase your selling price. Among the most desirable improvements are energy-efficient features, added rooms and storage space, remodeled bathrooms, a fireplace and a converted basement.

The daily maintenance, timely repairs, and home improvements will increase your sale price.

Sale by Owner

You have to make the decision to sell the house yourself or get an real estate agent involved. Each year, about 10 percent of home sales are made by the home’s owners. If you decide to sell your home yourself, price the home and advertise it in the local newspaper and make sure you describe the house in detail. You can get a listing sheet from your local real estate office, so you know what information you should include. You can leave some sheets out in front of the house or you can distribute some in other public places.

When selling your home on your own, check into the availability of financing and financing requirements. That will help you with setting a sell price that is possible for the seller and the buyer. Make sure you get the services of a lawyer, to assist you with the contract, the closing, and other legal matters.

Show your home only by appointment and make sure potential buyers give you their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and background information. As a security measure, show the house only when two or more adults are home. Selling your home takes time and effort, but can also save you several thousand dollars on commission.

Listing with a Real Estate Agent

You can choose from a wide variety of real estate agents in your area. These businesses range from firms owned by one person to franchised and advertised companies. The real estate agent should have knowledge of your community and market your home actively.

The services the agent will provide are suggesting a selling price, making potential buyers aware of your house and conducting showings of your home. Plus, the real estate agent can aslo help screen potential buyers to determine if they will qualify for a mortgage.

Discount real estate brokers are available to assist sellers that are willing to take on certain duties and want to reduce selling costs. Those companies charge a flat fee of 1 or 2 percent instead of the usual 6 percent.

Different factors having to be considered when selling your house. Are you willing to take on the responsibility of selling it? Or do you want to hire a professional to help you with your needs? With a certain amount of knowlegde about the real estate market and research about similar houses in your neighborhood you can successfully sell your house.

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