Seven Halloween Costume Ideas for Parent and Child

Children love for mommy or daddy to dress up when they are going trick or treating. Here are some costume ideas you can use when trick or treating with your child.

Parent and child costumes #1: American Indian and Papoose (baby): This works great if you have a small baby to take with you. Wear tan pants and purchase an oversize tan t-shirt. Cut the sleeves and bottom of the shirt into fringes. Add beads to the fringe and decorate it with acrylic paint.

Parent and child costumes #2: Spider and web: This is another costume if you have a baby, or a small child. Dress them in black and add extra legs made from black tights. Paint a spider web design on a white t-shirt and attach the child to your shirt with a black rope or string.

Parent and child costumes #3: Dorothy and Toto: Mom can dress up in a blue dress and red shoes, and purchase a puppy costume for baby. You can get a puppy costume online for $20.00 to $40.00.

Parent and child costumes #4: Cat and Kitten: This is a great costume for mom and her little girl. Mom and daughter can dress up in matching leotards and tights and add home made tails and ears.

Parent and child costumes #5: Kangaroo and Joey: Over a front facing baby carrier, mom can wear a jumpsuit situated so that baby’s head can peek out. Add ears and a painted face, and hp around as much as possible.

Parent and child costumes #6: Father Time and baby New Year: All you need for this costume is a cloak for Dad, with a large clock hung on a rope. (Like Flavor Flave). For baby you need a top hat, to which you may have to add elastic and a sash that says “Baby New Year”.

Parent and child costumes #7: Dr Evil and Minnie Me (or me and Minnie me): You can find thee Austin Powers Costumes online or just dress the baby or small child up to look just like you. Your costume will be complete.

Parent and child costumes #8: Spider Man and Spider: If dad can get his hands on a spider man costume, you can dress the baby up as the spider that bit him using the pattern previously mentioned. (A spider man costume can be purchased online for a reasonable price).

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