Sevens – a Great Drinking Game

Sevens is a game for the real drinkers who aren’t afraid of a few drinks. Be prepared if you play this game because all involved will drink plenty of drinks. We play this game early in the night and it seems to be a good starting game because you drink a fair amount during the game, especially if you have only a few players. Normally this game is played with 3 or more people, best results with 5-7 people.

To setup up the game you first need a deck of cards, you will then find all of the 7’s in the deck and lay them in a vertical line with plenty of room on each side of the cards. You need this room to place the remaining cards next to the 7’s in numerical order. After you have done this you will pass the remaining cards out to the players until all the cards are gone.

Now the first person can lay down any card in their deck next to one of the sevens, it must be the same suit as the 7 you are placing it next to. If it is the 7 of hearts you must place a heart next to it. Now depending on what card you place, determines the drinks you will drink or the drinks you will pass out. So if you have the Six of hearts and you place it next to the seven since you made a link you get to pass out two drinks, because two cards are linked. If you place the 10 of hearts then you will drink two drinks because there is a two card gap.

It gets a little tricky when more cards are placed, but basically if you place a card and it doesn’t link then you drink what ever the gap is. If you place a card and there is a link then you get to pass out how ever many cards are linked to the line. If you place a 10 of diamonds and it goes 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4; and then there is a gap between the 4 and the 2, then you pass out 7 drinks because 7 cards are linked.

Pretty simple game with very basic rules, you can change the rules if you want but this game already has plenty of drinks that will be given out. One rule we play sometimes is you leave the jokers in and a person can use them as a wild card. This means they will get to give out drinks they normally wouldn’t be able to and this steals drinks from someone else. The person who has the card that the wild card was substituted for has to lay it down once the joker is played then they have to drink the number of linked cards. So an example player one plays their Joker as a 4 of hearts and it links 9 cards the 4 to the Queen, they pass out their 9 drinks around the table. Then the person with the 4 of hearts has to lay down their 4 on top of the Joker and then has to take 9 drinks. So they are punished and the person with the joker is rewarded.

This game is very fun and lots of drinks being thrown around I suggest you play it early in the night because otherwise the next morning you might regret it. Have fun with it and again these rules can be changed if you find a better way to play then play that way, its all about having a good time.

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