Sex and Intimacy Are Two Different Things

Most people are of the impression that intimacy and sex are the same thing but this is simply not true. In similar fashion having sex and making love is not the same thing. Its unfortunate that more and more relationships are based of sex rather than love and it is my opinion that this has a part to play in the 50% divorce rate. A relationship needs so much more than sex and it comes as little surprise that many of the best and most successful start as friendships.

In order to avoid having a relationship based on sex the best thing to do is wait for sex. It seems that the early goal in a new relationship is to have sex. If your looking for someone to spend your life with win her heart make her love you guys. Whatever your self obsessed ego may feel she won’t fall in love with you because your good in bed. Relationships are about taking your time and this is the best way to a long lasting relationship.

If you want to have a truly successful and fulfilling marriage consider waiting to have sex. It is simply not true that you have to have sex with someone to know they are right for you. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to have sex to know if they are right for you, well they are simply not your soulmate. Also my advice would be not to have sex with anyone you do not love, you should make love to someone, because you love them not because you think if you do you might in the future.

Intimacy is really all about knowing someone and have very little to do with sex. True intimacy is about being comfortable and self with your partner and at the same time not afraid to make a fool of yourself. One of the top reasons that marriages break up is because there is not enough touching between partners. Much of the time there is still sex but a lack of hugging, caressing a passionate kissing. This brings me on to the difference between having sex and making love. In my opinion having sex is a selfish act and making love is a selfless act. Having sex such as the kind of thing seen in Adult movies is about self sexual pleasure and usually doesn’t occur between two people in love. Making love is an act between two people who deeply love each other and in my opinion is about so much more than just sexual pleasure. The biggest thing to remember is that making love is about pleasing your partner not yourself. There is a lot of affection, touching, kissing and truly showing how much you care and love the person. Generally making love is not a quick act, but may go on for hours and is real intimacy. Crucially in my opinion making love is an act of love and not of sex.

In summary the best way to have a loving relationship is to wait for sex. Make sure your relationship is based on love, spend the time to get to know the person. Spend the early time in the relationship on really caring and affection rather than sex. If you want to buy expensive gifts do it because you care and want love not sex. If your skeptical about what I say at least give it a try and I’m sure your be pleased with the results.

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