Sharing a Secret: A Note to An Imaginary Lover

Could I share a secret? I really would like you to know, that I sit for hours at the computer with a blank document incapable of conjouring words to describe the emotions that travel through my veins when I commence to think of you. I understand that I am aggresive, so explain to me, how may I control my feelings? I desire nothing short of endless love, after all, that is what I offer you. You speak things so beautifull, never making a sound, with every emotion you softly express. Your beauty is not one that is seen, but felt. You my dear are pure to me, and worthy of nothing less and so much more than pure love. I wish that I could do more than sit here and fantacize about you, but I shan’t be able to tell you these words. Oh! if only your existence were more than the perfect creation in my desperate imagination!

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