Shopping for Plus Sized Clothing

It is very frustrating for women larger than a size 14 to find clothing. It just seems a lot easier for some of the smaller women of the earth to find cute clothes-and that is true. Not all plus sized clothing has to be ugly “grandma clothes” with pictures of seed packets. There are a lot of options out there; a person just needs to be willing to look around. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Lane Bryant –
For a long time, it seemed like Lane Bryant was the only plus sized store out there. This classic is really fantastic, though. With stores all over the country and an extensive website, there are a lot of options. With new longer length t-shirts and jeans, there are a lot of casual looks perfect for your days off. Plus, there are a lot of choices for your days at work as well. Sizes run from 14-28.

Torrid –
Torrid is another store popping up all over the nation. A lot of their clothes tend to be for a younger clientele, but at the same time, they are fun. Available on the website are sizes 14-28, though all brands do not run their sizes that high. With trendy brands like L.E.I. and Baby Phat, there are a lot of options for absolutely adorable outfits.

Old Navy –
Old Navy has recently started adding a plus sized a lot of their stores and their website. Clothing is available in sizes 14-26. The style is the same as the fun, low priced, cute garments as their non-plus sized counterparts. For some basics with a little flair and a great price, it is definitely worth checking out.

Size Appeal –
The best word to describe the clothing at Size Appeal is sexy. Another would be cute. Another would be “I can really get that in this size?” This web store is absolutely fantastic. There are shirts, pants, dressesâÂ?¦everything any girl could want to have the ultimate “I feel pretty moment.” There are options there for sizes 14-28 (1-4x), and while all options may not work for every personâÂ?¦there are certainly some fantastic options.

Nordstrom –
This swank department store has quite a nice plus sized section. There are sizes up to 24 in nice brands like Lauren by Ralph Lauren and Nine West. There are some really lovely options through Nordstrom for some more “high end” plus sized clothing.

B&Lu –
Another web based store that provides a lot of options. Women’s sizes from 14-30 are available, and there are a lot of trendy absolutely adorable. The clothing is towards the casual to causal/dressy side, but the variety makes it possible for any woman to find something she will like.

While these aren’t the only options out there, it is a start to building a fantastic plus sized wardrobe. It definitely is not as easy to pick out a fantastic plus sized outfit as it is to pick out a fantastic non-plus sized outfit. At the end of the day, wearing something fabulous will boost your self confidence. This makes every shopping moment and every dollar spent well worth it.

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