Silent Hill : A New Type of Scary Movie

You want to see a movie that will make your spine shiver then go see this film. This video game turned movie is scary and fresh, not like those other horror movies that only have sudden scares that are a cat in a closet. This movie will have you shaking every time you hear the warning sirens go off�want to know what I mean then come see the movie.

The movie centers around a woman named Rose (Radha Mitchell) who has just adopted Sharon. Sharon sleep walks and has terrible seizures that are continuing to get worse, and she keeps mentioning one place, Silent Hill. Sharon decides to solve the problem she will take Sharon to Silent Hill, because that always works to solve epilepsy. Rose’s husband warns her not to go but she flees to Silent Hill, big mistake. Rose drives through a portal in reality, which takes her to the seemingly deserted Silent Hill where she crashes her car only to wake up and find Sharon missing. Now with the help of officer Cybil who chased Rose to Silent Hill, the two must find Sharon. The two begin to realize that Silent Hill is not what they expected, as they unravel the towns dark past, they must hurry and find Sharon as the town slips back and forth between its light and dark reality, when the sirens sound you better run and hide.

This movie was good, it plays to the suspense and fear factor more than the sudden scare most horror movies go for. It takes your senses for a roller coaster ride, and you never know what to expect next. With dark monsters that are new and fresh, most come from the video game, including Pyramid Head, sounds stupid I know but he is very scary. This movie has some intense scenes that are pretty graphic; the gore factor helps for the people who want to see blood. I also like how the town is seemingly deserted and eerily peaceful until the siren sounds, then you had better run before the darkness comes, because once its there you are on your own.

There were some flaws to this film, it’s a video game turned film and if you haven’t played the game you may not get the entire movie. It definitely helps to have played the games or at least read about the games before seeing the movie. I note this as a flaw because most people aren’t going to play the game just to understand the movie. The ending is good but expects you to be some what intelligent and “get it” yourself, which is good for smart people but there will be a lot of people who say that was the worst ending ever!

Good movie I suggest seeing it if you like scary movies and are sick of the cookie cutter horror movies you are used to. 3 out of 5 for this one its good enough to pay for if you don’t have anything better to do that night.

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