Similasan Earache Relief Reviewed

Similasan Earache Relief has to be one of my most valued products in my medicine cabinet. My sister first recommended Similasan Earache Relief this past winter while I was visiting her in Chicago. Sub zero weather and artic inspired winds left me with a raging head cold and throbbing ears. After an extended period of time in the windy cold city I was beginning to believe I would never lose the terrible earaches I was suffering from. Similasan Earache Relief is a homeopathic ear drop medicine that immediately sooths your aching ears. A few drop of this clear liquid, which is mostly comprised of glycerin, and your ears will feel much better.

After using up a lot of my sisters bottle of Similasan Earache Relief and finding out that I was going to be living in Chicago, I decided to run out and pick up my own bottle. A 0.33 ounce bottle of Similasan Earache Relief costs under $10 even in an expensive city like Chicago. While that size bottle may seem small, a little goes a long way. Personally I don’t know how long a bottle of Similasan Earache Relief would last you, but my guess would be years. I have used mine for the past four months and you can barely even tell it has been opened.

My favorite feature of Similasan Earache Relief is of course the immediate relief it provides. The first time I used it I was suffering from a terrible head cold, clogged ears, and a sore throat. It is amazing that just a few drops of Similasan Earache Relief immediately stopped the aching in my ears. Within a day my ears had popped and I could hear again. Even though I was still sick I felt a thousands times better just being able to hear again. There is nothing worse than walking around in a haze of deafness brought on by a cold!

The only draw back to Similasan Earache Relief is that it does not say how much is too much to use on the bottle. I suffer from chronic earaches and sometimes do not use the Similasan Earache Relief drops because I don’t want to over do it. In their defense though, Similasan Earache Relief is homeopathic and is safe to use with antibiotics and other medication you may be taking. For a brief run down on what homeopathic medicines are you can visit

Similasan Earache Relief was originally produce in Switzerland, but is distributed in America through a branch of their company in Colorado. You can find it at almost any drugstore, grocery store or super center in the United States. For more information you can visit Similasan Earache Relief’s website at or contact them directly at 1-800-240-9780.

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