Simple Ways to Create a Great Environment for the Perfect Open House

So you’re a Realtor and want some advice on how to stage a fantastic open house. Here are some ideas that may help you add to your list of things to do at an open house.

First of all, to have a great open house you need to have people come to it. Without them no matter what you do it will be a flop. An extra way you can have more people come to you open house is to put up your open house signs early. Putting them up three or even four days prior gives more people time to see them. Make sure you put the time of the open house on the sign in front of the house.

An important thing to keep in mind if you have an open house in the winter is to make sure the sidewalks are shoveled and salted. If the person has to trek through snow they may reconsider going in the house.

When in the house set the temperature to a comfortable level. No one wants to walk through a icy cold house or a sizzling hot one. So set the temperature accordingly.

Look around the house and determine if the floors need a bit of sweeping. A dirty floor can turn buyers off. Take out trash if any exists.

A lap top with a power point presentation of pictures of the house can be very useful. You can also use the presentation to present other homes listed through your brokerage firm.

Be prepared with knowledge and printed sheets of other properties in case buyers are not interested in the open house property.

Putting low music on and have candles lit throughout the home can create a welcoming homey environment. This ambiance may help them envision themselves living there.

Have a stack of business cards along with give a ways such as candy, mints, or pens with your name and number on it.

Probably the most important thing to do would be to get to know the house. It’s so unprofessional when you have to look at your sheet for info when the buyer asks what type of heating, how old is the house, how many bedrooms and bath and other questions. You are selling this product and you should already know what you are selling. Study up on it the day before if not sooner.

There are dozens of things you can do in addition to this. Most of all be prepared, be knowledgeable and courteous to all people. Make sure to follow up with a thank you either by mail or phone. With these improvements you may have more business coming your way!

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