Spa Review of Rosario Resort and Spa In The San Juan Islands Off Puget Sound

This was a birthday weekend extraordinaire that I had been planning for a couple of months. The timing was right, the prices were right and the need to relax, unwind and let go was a true necessity to my sanity. My choice was Rosario Resort and Spa on Orcas Island, which is located in the San Juan Islands just 80 miles outside of Seattle Washington.

Getting to Rosario Resort is an adventure in itself. This is one of those planes; trains and automobile type trips, only switch the combination to planes, buses, ferries and limousines. I flew into Seattle Tacoma Airport and from there took a bus to Anacortes, which was the San Juan Ferry Island Terminal where I would catch, the ferry to Orcas Island. It took well over an hour and a half to get from the airport to the ferry landing. From there I took a relaxing ferry ride to Orcas Island. The scenery was incredible as was the crisp Northwest Pacific air. The ferry ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island was another hour and fifteen minutes. Please keep in mind the wait of a ferry can vary depending on the season and the time of day. Once I arrived on the Island I was met by the limousine from Rosario Resort and Spa for a brief but pleasant drive to the resort, an approximate 17-mile drive to pleasure.

Having had an extremely long day, which had started out at 9:00 a.m. in the morning as my trip, originated in Dallas due to business, my arrival at the resort was 9:00 p.m. Fortunately for me I had scheduled a one hour massage which the resort honored turning my tight and tense jet lagged body into putty. The spa is housed in the old but historical and beautiful Moran Mansion. In addition to the Spa The Mansion also houses the management offices, the restaurant, the music room, the boutique, a fitness room and a Jacuzzi.

After completion of my massage I was taken to my hillside accommodations of which a wonderful relaxing room with a fireplace and a view awaited me. Had I not had dinner reservations at the Mansion Restaurant (5 Stars) I could have stayed in this room the rest of the weekend without leaving. I had the Hillside King room which included a Jacuzzi, a gas fireplace, a sitting area, a king bed, and a picturesque view of Cascade Bay, neighboring islands and the marina.

I chose to hike my first morning through the hills though there were many activities to participate in. Convenient to the property are sailing, fishing, sea kayaking, whale watching and boat rentals. I did opt for Whale Watching the following day, which was a four-hour excursion, which was provided by a charter.

As far as dining, most nights I ate dinner at the Mansion Restaurant. One night I ventured out to Bilbo’s Festivo, which is a Mexican Restaurant. And on another afternoon I ate an excellent Thai lunch at the Outlook Inn. One of my favorite places was a little place in Eastsound named Teezer’s. This quaint little place serves fresh baked homemade cookies, tea and espresso. You can imagine a February afternoon in the Pacific Northwest just might call for a nice warm espresso.

Let’s talk about the Spa, one of the main things (other than my obsession with Moran Mansion) I went to Rosario for. The name of the spa is Avanyu. The goal of the staff at Avanyu is to incorporate water therapy with their spa products for maximum relaxation and distressing effects. Among many other treatments the spa offers massage, facials, body treatments, and herbal aromatherapy wraps. Prices are quite reasonable and you can pick a combination of treatments as a package with a decent discount.

The fitness center at Rosario provides lots of options for the athletically inclined. I optioned for Yoga and the Pilates Mat class. There is full-scaled workout based on your preference. The classes operate on a schedule so check with the Concierge at check in regarding the times.

A spa weekend vacation is a must at least once in a lifetime if not several times. This was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever given myself. When visiting Rosario Resort and Spa packages are a main part of the entire Rosario Resort experience, so when making reservations ask for rates based on your spa needs as well as your hotel accommodations. Be good to yourself and take the advantage of the opportunity of a restful, regenerating vacation. This time come home from vacation totally relaxed.

For more information Visit the Rosario Resort and Spa Web site at or contact them at 1866-801-ROCK. For Ferry information visit To fly directly into the San Juan Islands visit

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